One Hour

One Hour

You have a whole one hour more because the time is changing today. Think of it, you have an extra hour of day – wow what are you going to do with it? Doesn’t it feel beautiful, freeing, joyous, new. An hour of free time for myself! What will I do with it – maybe I’ll dream of far off places to go. Your imagination is endless.

What is your scheduled life like? Is your life so strained, full of duty, full of necessities?
Did you think of something fun, something relaxed, something joyous? Spend time to look at your garden, look into the eyes of someone you love, someone who loves you or write to someone…

Did you do it? Maybe you shoudda!


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Reality Shifting

A few days ago, I dreamt I was sitting in front of a group of senior elementary students. They were sitting in student formation (desks in rows).
I was announcing, “Ladies and gentlemen I totally delight in your company” and saying it as if it was completely true.
-as if now, reality had shifted, and relationships were so much real, more genuine, more intense and delightful. And in the dream, I’m feeling very pleased, with a slight smile on my face.
Today’s’ students and today’s classrooms may have moments of true relatedness and genuine feeling, but it’s not all that common. Back biting, jealously, one upmanship are more the norm. Bullying, sour comments and power plays – these are the games that are played today.
Manners are not really taught, and values are not really valued. Character development is rarely a focus of interest – it could be. To actually consider what the dream asserts – relationships that are real, genuine, intense and delightful, would be a huge shift in reality indeed.
Seeing the situation from the teacher’s point of view is only one perspective of course. How genuinely do you like these children really is a real question? And how much do you genuinely care how well they do and how much do they care about what you feel about what happens in the class.
Reality shifting indeed.


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You Idiot

When I first got my GPS I half expected it to bark out at me ‘You idiot’, whenever I went past my turn off or missed the assigned street. Why? Why not? Normally every other interaction when I had missed doing something that was assigned to me, I’d get blow-back – from my teacher, friends or my parents. “You idiot, what were you thinking”, was what I’d fully expect. So, it came as rather a pleasant surprise to just hear ‘At the next light take a right…’ along with new directions to where I had said that I wanted to go. Oh! No complaints? No criticisms? Not even a whine? Well, that is actually a more humane response – a more civilized way of interacting

Built into our culture and especially how we bring up our children is to question first with responses like “You didn’t? “You should have”! Our need to be right and the urge to shake our fist is built into our communication process along with questions like “Why didn’t you?”and so on.

The way competition is built into our way of interacting, we usually enjoy the opportunity to reprimand, to show up, to lord it over. It takes a lot of internal growth to restrain our urge to rub it in when you’re the one who’s right, facing someone who was wrong, or didn’t make the grade. That’s why habits that encourage competition over cooperation are really dysfunctional in an advanced society.

The more civilized way to respond could have been ‘Oh well you can do this instead’ without shaming the recipient and leaving both our dignities intact. It’s better that we build up the person that we’re dealing with so that everyone feels good. thereby creating a civilization of love and light, not the usual power and authority. 


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I’m small

I am female. So of course, I’m small. But that I’ve played small most of my life, I can only conclude it was my choice.

When attending my high school class reunion, a couple of years ago at Oakwood Collegiate in Toronto, I was quite taken aback to see where the males in the class had gotten to, and where the females. With only one exception, the women were all in the helping professions – nurses, teachers, admin assistants. And with no exceptions the men were all in “the professions” – doctors, lawyers, dentists, CEO’s, entrepreneurs. And they looked it. Their backs were straighter, suits more expensive, their smiles were broader – they all looked like as if it was where they belonged. They’d shot harder, arrived higher, and achieved more. Hmm! I only noticed that in retrospect, but the difference really was blatant.

Me? Well, I was in a teaching profession. Now the impression that I had of ‘what was expected’ and ‘what was allowed’ at that time. I thought the road was completely open in any direction that you wanted, male or female. Evidently that wasn’t true. Sure no one would have told a teenager in 65 ‘hey, don’t get so high nosed, you’re actually restricted to just the helping professions like housekeeping, nursing, teaching’.

It would have been shocking to hear that. But hell, it was true. A woman’s world was still restricted to children and home first. Jobs were not primary considerations; they were always secondary or only of necessity. In 65, you would still easily hear ‘oh you’re looking for a sugar daddy’. It was still considered the easy road through life and your first choice.

When I was in university attending a European frat party I was asked by a high ranking, well respected physician “Are you going for your M.R.S” with a smirk. It took me a while to recover from the questions and the assumption, but he meant it. Women were still commonly seen at universities on a man hunt.

So, playing it small made sense in that kind of universe. Maybe it’s time I allowed myself to take off the shackles and grow up.


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When you walk through a storm

When you walk through a storm hold your head up high,
And don’t be afraid of the dark.
At the end of the storm is a golden sky,
And the sweet silver song of a lark…
Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart,
And you’ll never walk alone.

Recently my grandson spent a whole afternoon crying in the school washroom because of a bullying incident. I guess no one ever told him that he’s never alone even when he’s alone. There really is recourse not only in difficult situations where we can call on for help from the universe.

Interestingly when he was very small, maybe 3 or 4, I was babysitting him. He was quietly playing at one end of the livingroom and I was busy at the other end. We were chatting quietly between us and the topic of angels came up. After a brief time of quiet a huge smile came across his face. I noticed this and asked him “What is it Steven?” “Not telling.” He vigorously shook his head continuing to smile! A period of silence ensued and then he came out with, “My Angel told me, I love you Steven” and the smile kept getting bigger and bigger.

Such occurrences are really not all that uncommon. Karen Berg presently the head of the Kabbalah in California lived through a traumatic incident when she was a teenager. She was beaten up by a gang and thrown into a pit, with no way out. In her desperation in the night she heard a voice speaking to her, calming her down, telling her she would be fine and would be found in the morning. And as promised she got out fine. She was to know that when she seemed to be abandoned and alone – she wasn’t.
None of us are thrown out into the world on our own. We all come accompanied. We all come with a purpose. We all have helpers that accompany us.


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Conversations with God

In the “In the “Conversations with God” book series, it’s proposed that whatever feels good to you is the way to heaven not the road to hell. Hmm! Now there’s a thought!

Most of us have been brought up with the notion that if it feels good it’s probably forbidden – masturbation and sex included.

Of course that presumes you are mature enough to have outgrown feeling good when you hurt someone or make others feel bad. Otherwise yes, absolutely do what feels good!

Doesn’t it feel good to like yourself and approve of what you do, and even love yourself?I don’t remember ever being told in church to love yourself. It was always, sacrifice to others, give to others.

Loving yourself was never mentioned, never mind a priority. The injunction to do for others is wonderful but not at the expense of care for self. So many women I’ve known have spent years wearing themselves out because of this. Giving, giving, giving and not enough concern for self.

Sacrifice’s self denial were never meant to establish life patterns just be a step in our evolutionary growth.

There’s a YouTube video called “Joshua Speaks of Ascension 101” and he talks of being mindfully joyful if you want to raise your vibration and ascend to a higher spiritual level. Joy you find in the things that delight you. Let there be light. Let there be joy. Let there be feeling good.


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“Look at the birds. They neither sew nor reap yet…
We worry. It’s natural, right? We barely think that there’s another way to exist . I once heard a pastor say “Why worry, when you can pray? That’s certainly one way of TRUSTING and moving forward with positivity. It’s important to recognize what you could do better and work on it. Then after you’ve done what you can, or decided on a plan of action, then it’s really important to let it go, for now. Ask someone in a higher realm to take it from there, solve it for you. And completely let it go. As long as you’re thinking of the problem constantly – the forces that surround you step back- they don’t interfere where they’re not invited – you need to ask. Free will, you know. It’s not forever, you can engage with it tomorrow again, but for now, just let go.

There’s a story from one of my regression therapy text books where the man tells of a past life where he was quite happy – as a woman slave in the Bahamas, would you believe. Happy because she trusted, completely that she was being taken care of. She felt secure in her place in society, part of a large tribe/family. Trusting that her life would turn out well, and she had nothing to fear.

This is something we could all try to aspire to: worry appropriately, plan the best you can, ask for help from higher sources (both in your life and beyond it.) Then let go. Know and trust that it’s taken care of Ultimate responsibility is not yours. Then TRUST and fully and completely expect the best.


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Regression Therapy

It’s amazing, really, that we could live our lives in many different eras/ centuries and never remember what our lessons were or what not to do next time round. I understand that’s about to change in the coming 5th dimension that we actually will be born with our memories intact / our lessons intact.

Trust me, everyone needs Regression Therapy. I took the Rohun Regression Therapy course at Delphi Spiritual University in Georgia – best investment I ever made. Now this one’s hard to believe – but I’ve heard of one documented case where the same husband kills his wife nine reincarnations in a row. Do you think they might have benefited from a little walk down memory lane?

Past Lives Dreamwork authored by Sabine Lucas, is a fascinating read. A Jungian Analyst herself, she alerts us for what to look for in our own dreams when looking for a past life. For one it could be a dream where you’re only an observer of the action, rather than a participant, OR it could be a dream that’s in period costume – set in an obviously different part of history. Clues for you to follow once you get up the curiosity to start looking down that rabbit-hole. Looking for those missing pieces in your story. Looking for the real answers & mending your life!


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If Looks Could Kill

“If looks could kill!” We’ve all seen that one. And seen the fury being thrown out through someone’s eyes. To illustrate: I was attending a small luncheon at a local hotel with family and neighbours and listening to one woman’s long involved recitation of a story of how this particular tile man had done such a sloppy job while renovating her washroom and how she’d had all this cleaning up to do after he left. She was obviously furious about the whole incident and kept emphasizing how angry she’d been at “this idiot” ! She seemed to go on and on for an unusually long time with the whole thing. After finishing her story there was a slight pause, after which she added: “ Oh and he died shortly after.” I almost choked on my food hearing this – she’d evidently killed him with her fury, her unrelenting hatred and upset. Looks can kill or should I say: Intentions can kill and do.

That’s why it’s so important to watch what you’re thinking during your day. Don’t let negative thoughts go unchecked indefinitely. Understand that your thinking forms the reality you end up with. Angry thoughts are like bullets: each formation is meant to go out and do as much harm as possible. So stop to stare at what you’re sending out. The more positive thoughts you send out to the Universe, the happier your life will be.


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Girl Ghoul

When you die you become a ghoul with oversized large ugly eyes, strange ghastly skin colouring and a body that comes apart – assembles and disassembled at will. Right? And you live with other ghastly looking people with body parts that talk and have a life of their own And your only wish to to make friends and play with living children.

This is the premise of a book called “Ghoulia”, that came out of an elementary school recently, in the hands of a 6 yr. old.

A few things to question here: Why is horror and frightening material being being presented to children this young? What kind of justification do the teaching staff give for the deliberate frightening of small children?

Is the idea of hell still put forth as real in this day and age?

A friend of mine who was raised a good Catholic was very afraid of hell. Till one day she dreamt that she was falling into hell, and falling and falling, till she finally landed safely on a bed of straw. Quite safe, no harm done. In other ideas of hell was not a reality.

The deliberate frightening of children is a serious incursion into a child’s peace of mind. And for what? For entertainment? For an adrenaline rush? Deepak Chopra says what happens to us when we get frightened or upset is that we start to die – literally- each of our organs start to function badly starting with the immune system, the digestive system, etc.

What is the purpose of education after all? Don’t we want to instilll higher values in our young people? Worthy goals, great ideas to pursue

A few years ago I stood before the TDSB’s Curriculum Committee, we discussed the issue and they unanimously decided that Horror does not belong in the classroom. I guess this school didn’t get the memo.



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