Low level violence when we accept where we are in life!

We do ourselves a low level violence when we accept where we are in life as being where we have to be and have to stay. The truth of the matter is we can all choose to keep growing and keep on learning and keep on moving towards our full potential intellectually, career wise, prosperity wise, wisdom wise, etc.

We all grew up in a clockmaker universe, controlled by circumstance, controlled by others, controlled by thoughts implanted by foreigners. Those close loving foreigners who ruled our lives: parents, teachers, friends. All those who knew more than you and had the right to instill programs in you that operate endlessly in your life, even when you’re older and know better. Programs, unless consciously detected and consciously eliminated, continue to influence your life. Programs like: I’m not good enough, rich people don’t go to heaven, who do you think you are, aiming that high?

Jian Ghomeshi in a recent radio interview with Sook-yin Lee, confessed that even after all the success he’s had as host of “Q” he still feels like an outsider. That label evidently absorbed early remains part of his self-image, even though to any onlooker it looks totally out of place at this stage in his illustrious career.

Similarly I too have a recurring image of myself as an outsider. Also an immigrant to Canada, I was laughed at in the schoolyard as a “DP”. That’s what the immigrant’s kids were called in those days, back in the 50’s. The outsider label began to attach to my self-image and the feeling of always being “outside” of the action, always just beyond acceptable, not quite part of the group stuck. Despite a career in teaching and many accomplishments, the image still sticks.

The recently released book Code to Joy seems to be a possible light at the end of the tunnel. It postulates that we all have some small dysfunctional part of us that keeps us from achieving our full potential. This rings true for all the follow-up literature after “The Secret” came out. This creating your own brighter future was indeed possible, but, the proviso goes, if only you can figure your way out of the firmly held, often unconscious beliefs that block your achieving what you really want. Code to Joy does that, using energy medicine – with a therapist or by yourself or with a friend. Highly recommended.

M.B. is a retired school teacher, who is working on a book on the effects of low level violence and the scaring of young children. Visit the website FrightFree.com

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