All the news that’s fit to print

All the news that’s fit to print

Listening to the news this morning, a little old lady was assaulted and robbed – the description of the crime took almost a minute and I don’t remember any alleviating good news in the same broadcast. So we’re left with a “downer” as they say. Hm! All the news that’s fit to print, eh??? I don’t think so.

With hugs and hits – researchers found that to achieve stasis – for every “hit” you land on a kid, they need 20 “hugs” to offset the emotional balance in the body. No wonder we have so many “off” kids in our schools. So many that hate themselves, or think too little of themselves, or bully others over some perceived inferiority or difference. How many kids don’t get hugs every day, but sustain several “hits”/ criticisms/ put downs/snide remarks. I’d say most.

It came as rather a shock for me reading The Code to Joy where at the end of the book the author postulates the question, what if everyone was brought up with loving caring, compassionate parents who actually encouraged everything productive you wanted to do, who downplayed your faults and supported your emotional growth in every way they could. What a different world it would be.
I’ll say!

Ditto for the media – what if we got 20X the good news for every negative news story we heard: as the song goes “What a wonderful world it would be.

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