It’s not the pills you take but the thoughts you think

It’s not the pills you take but the thoughts you think

A friend of mine recently experienced some unpleasant trips to the emergency room because of having severe arthritic pain. The doctors encouragingly told her: “well, it’ll only get worse!”. Too bad, so sad, your dad.

Let’s look at this scenario. The expectation of what will happen is actually the over-riding factor in the outcomes that you get. Oh sure, you take all the right pills and you do all the right exercises, but when it comes down to it the body just wants to know, “which way am I going, up or down?” If you accept the doctor’s opinion, it’s down. Any slight improvements are really just delays on the journey.

Some years ago I was resisting starting to take blood pressure meds, chiefly because I’d never heard of anyone getting off them. Another friend of mine at the Taoist Tai Chi club confided that he too had had such a problem and that after doing Tai Chi for awhile, his pressure had actually gone down. So he’d asked his doctor if he should still be taking the meds or not. “Of course” came the answer. “Even though today you seem not to have the ailment, the respite is only temporary” ie.Once you have the disease, you’ve got it forever.

A dream of Don Heron’s (host of Morningside, on CBC) is instructive here. He was in a hospital bed and in come 3 doctors. Hand him a knife and expect him to use it on himself. The explanation was that it’s not the disease that will kill you, it’s not the doctors that will kill you, it’s your accepting their diagnosis and putting it into yourself.

So it’s not the pills you take but the thoughts you think that need the most attention if you want to heal. Visit the website

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