The low level violence of becoming entrained to your cultural values

The low level violence of becoming entrained to your cultural values

We’ve become entrained to one another. Sometimes that’s a good thing. They’ve found that women living in the same house after awhile start to have their periods around the same time – no coincidence. Energetically in the book Quantum Touch they describe a method of hands on healing where when you pick up your breathing and begin to vibrate at a higher level, you can entrain the person you’re working on to vibrate at your level and therefore healing can happen. Amazing stuff!

On the down side, we get entrained by each other all the time – hundreds of thousands of women watching a lot of TV each evening. Same for young boys and video games, the same for older men and their sports. This is not necessarily a comment – but it happens to be a fact. No coincidence. We tend towards the same values, many of the same activities, many of the same material desires. The tendency to think the same as your group is strong.

In a book by Dolores Cannon “Five Lives Lived” there is a mediaeval girl talking about her life in her castle and expressing very strong views, very righteous about “her” side which to an outside observer looks very naïve, even laughable. She’s speaking against “the other” and you can see the “us” and “them” thinking that perpetuates wars and justifies atrocities – which quickly follow.

To think alike is a common pull. To actually stop and consider what’s being proposed is not a common exercise. So watch yourself more: which ideas exactly is it you’re getting from the TV program (often incorrect). What is it you believe that’s a lot like most people’s beliefs? What’s your financial thinking (are you in debt like most people?). What do you think your life is about – are you just muddling through or can you truly say you LIVE, really live!

Who do you entrain with? Time to reconsider. Visit the website

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