The Slow Dying Process

The Slow Dying Process

Very interesting description of fear that Deepak Chopra has. He says that once the body is overwhelmed by fear and results in the classic sympyoms of increased adrenaline: high blood pressure, shallow breathing, lack of oxygen, suppressed immune response, digestion stopping, the bowels voiding, etc. these are actually precursors to death. Which does make sense on several levels.

The joy some people feel when frightening others is actually this response they look for – the whole body system essentially going into fight or flight, when the body stops working for all intents and purposes. The affect could be brief and momentary or it could be deep and long-lasting. As in the case of a child being constantly bullied at school, or a timid employee being endlessly criticised or left out at work. The affects of systematic abuse can be deadly.

The same body response happens over a longer period of time when you get “down”. You feel worthless, useless, you get discouraged. Eventually you get really depressed. Then after it’s been brewing for awhile in the mind, you start to display some physical symptoms. These really are just messages – ignore them at your own risk. Finally the body gets worse and worse and you succumb – to what though? Where did it all begin? It could be it was your negative thinking: your expectation of doom and gloom, your projecting the worst case scenario.

Another scenario is the ingestion of / exposure to toxic substances. A friend of mine saw a psychic several years ago who told her that through her job as a pharmacist she was being exposed to toxic substances which were beginning to build up in her body. She didn’t take it seriously enough to do anything about it. Several years later she gets a diagnosis of cancer and has to have a mastectomy. I wasn’t surprised. Sickness and death really are choices, we’re much more in control than we think.

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