Poor Gian Ghomeshi

Poor Gian Ghomeshi

Well yes, what else can you say to someone who had it all, chose not to pay attention to potential problem areas and lost it all. I wrote to Mr. Ghomeshi some months ago, after a radio interview he’d done with some suggestions for him on how to deal with potentially troublesome little items that were stilll a concern in his life. Of course I never heard back. He had other things on his mind.

It reminds me of the saying of Edgar Cayce’s that either you pay attention closely to the life you’re leading and correct what needs correcting as you go along or you end up on your back staring at the ceiling wondering what went wrong and trying, after the fact, to figure it all out. So true. Ghomeshi the rock star, Ghomeshi the brilliant commentator, Ghomeshi the snake charmer, Ghomeshi the dangerous. There was even a process at the CBC, or so I’ve heard, whereby young women were deliberately steered away from his office if at all possible. Domage! I used to follow him as much as I could – his take on some of the news stories he commented on was really brilliant. Such a waste of talent!

In the days of kings and queens the new prince or princess was trained to the job. The powers that be realized full well that the enormous amount of power of this new position came fraught with many dangers. Our new royalty: the celebrities, the rock stars and nouveau riche can often be seen as the butt of jokes for how poorly they carry themselves when given lots of power to do exactly as they want. Power that great needs to be tempered with a very strong backbone of social responsibility and self- discipline.

Time to learn new tricks Gian!

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