The Low Level Violence of Cigarette Packaging

The Low Level Violence of Cigarette Packaging

The list is really endless. I’m trying to recycle as much of my brother’s old cigarette packages as I can and almost getting sick in the process: watching the endless list of wonderful things to expect when you choose to continue smoking:
“cigarettes are a major cause of heart disease.
Smokers are up to 4 times as likely to develop heart disease as non-smokers
“I wish I had never started smoking” (plus gruesome picture)
This is what dying of cancer looks like (plus another grim scene)
Tobacco smoke hurts everyone. Infants…..SIDS.

Now if beating a child for doing the wrong thing is a violence. Where is it right to bludgeon smokers with one horror after another and still expect a positive result?
It really doesn’t make sense. Whoever put together the ad campaign is thinking in the pedagogy of 100 years ago: where beatings for minor infractions were common, sarcasm was normal and spare the rod and spoil the child ruled the day.
Not that those things don’t work, it just that they don’t work in the long run, they have the opposite effect.

Then inside the cigarette package I see the voice of reason:
“Never quite trying to quit. Most smokers try to quit several times before they succeed.”
Finally an encouraging word. So after you’ve beaten your child to a pulp, it’s sweet of you to give him a hand and lift him up out of his misery, like a kindly parent. Wow!

No. The horror packaging is definitely not the way to go.

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