Inequality in the classroom

 Inequality in the classroom

This rather came as a surprise. There was a recent study that found that teachers generally respond differently to boys as versus girls. For one, they tend to pay more attention to boys and less to girls. And it seems there is a tendency to judge quiet students as not as bright.

Just as studies in the reactions of interviewers to applicants found that unbeknownst to us we really do have certain automatic reactions to other people of which we’re unaware. For example the reaction to a pretty girl, versus and ugly/ disfigured person. A whole field of study has grown up around what our body language says about us and how we can actually control the messages we’re sending out by being more aware of how we react and how we move.

When you think about it and realize this is a possibility you come to the conclusion that many of our automatic reactions to other people are “programmed” responses and not at all natural reactions it gives one pause to possibly reconsider how we react. Without awareness and some thought the chances are pretty low that we do respond equably in all situations and without judgment.

Much of our reactions in life generally are run by our old “programmes”. Concepts we were told as children and never thought to question, but that end up running our lives, in a sense without our conscious permission. And we wonder why we end up poor or rudderless or depressed, and just look around for someone else to blame. Whereas all we really need is a goodly dose of self-awareness.

Edgar Cayce liked to say that either you walk through your life wide awake and observing consciously how you’re living or you end up in a situation where all you can do is that as you stare at the ceiling and wonder what went wrong in your life and start to try to figure it out. Lets not wait till we have to. Let’s live consciously NOW.

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