I’m not religious I’m spiritual

I’m not religious I’m spiritual

The topic comes up often. It s now even a new category on some forms. Ones’ religious persuasion used to be a standard question, at a time when people still identified with one or other of the religious traditions. Even if you weren’t particularly enamoured of the tradition you came from, you would still allow that that was indeed your background. Not any more. People are more and more likely to specify that they are spiritual, but not religious. Hallelujah! I think more and more people are thinking for themselves, and less and less likely to accept what they were told as children – which is after all a good thing.

An older friend of mine in the last few years of his life dreamt that he saw himself sitting at the edge of the universe dressed in a little jacket that he would have worn as a child, while out herding sheep on his family farm. In the dream he felt a little uncomfortable, because the jacket was way too small. The dream was addressing this man’s religious beliefs, which now, at the end of his life ( at the end of the universe) still continued to be the same as when he’d been taught these concepts as a child. And the set of concepts, like the jacket, no longer fit who he was an an adult, nor his circumstances.

We do ourselves harm if we don’t reexamine the ideas we were handed as children. Because surprise, surprise, we could have outgrown them. Sometimes the discrepancy may only appear as a uncomfortable feeling in some situations, sometimes it could cause a real problem. But the act of reexamination needs to be a deliberate one.

There’s a wealth of spiritual information that really is perfectly valid out there, that can help you grow and prosper and open you up to the real enjoyment of life, but unless we let go of clinging to the faith we were handed as children and allow that maybe, just maybe there is more to life than what we’d been led to believe.

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