Low level violence: littering and Cigarette butts blooming

Low level violence: littering and Cigarette butts blooming

The topic came up recently as a city news item because as the snow on the sidewalks is melting we see an amazing amount of garbage there, leftovers of colder days. There actually is a littering bylaw on the books, though you wouldn’t know it from the mounds of trash we’re beginning to see everywhere. So a CBC interview with an anti- litter activist yielded some interesting tid-bits. Not only were there no tickets issued for littering last year, neither were there any issued the year before that. Hmmm!

That would sound like this low level violence is being allowed to blossom. If no one is ever stopped from dropping litter on our streets, the message clearly is that no one cares. So why not? In another major world city in the West there’s been a very effective campaign to stop litterbugs from littering and that’s by ordinary citizens taking pictures of the offending act and posting it on-line. Ouch! Clearly people start to get the message, and it becomes socially unacceptable. Better for us all!

Another point that was made in that interview is, surprisingly, that cigarette butts are actually recyclable. Who would have guessed? Now that would indeed be a real blessing, if we had a system for gathering those up into containers to dispose of them properly.
The humanity in the human being really does like order and there’s something easy on the soul looking at a clean street that a littered street just doesn’t have. Let’s all do our part!

You know, every little butt helps!

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