Accepting Prostitution is a low level violence

Accepting Prostitution is a low level violence

Prostitution was recently in the news as the government was deciding on how to frame a new law in this matter, as the old law had been deemed to be unconstitutional. Legislators were leaning towards the “legalize it” option. In her commentary on the situation in the Toronto Star, Margaret Wente made the point that from reviewing the legislative history of the problem in different countries, it was obvious that legalizing prostitution simply didn’t work. Sweden being a case in point. In Sweden, when prostitution was legalized the situation, instead of getting better, got worse. So in 1999 the Swedes did the opposite, they came down hard on the exploiters, and set up many options for the victims to be able to change professions. “The results are persuasive. Street prostitution has been cut in half. Crime and organized trafficking are down.”

Prostitution harms us all. It harms society, it degrades women, it enables crime. It’s a form of slavery where your body is up for sale. Are some prostitutes happy? Possibly. But is this a direction we want humankind to move in? Probably not. Wente mentions the Native Women’s Assoc. of Canada, who work with the worst off women. They don’t support legalizing. Neither should we.

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