The low-level violence of one-mindedness.

The low-level violence of one-mindedness.

So you’ve finally decided what it is you want to do?  Great   !Once you determine what it is you want to concentrate your efforts on, you can move forward quickly in that direction, with determination, clarity, and elation.  Wonderful!

But then what? Our culture seems to encourage your drowning yourself in this one purpose, rewarding your for doing it to the exclusion of everything else in your life. What  often happens then  is a neglect of other areas of your life.

Without really meaning to you Inadvertently fall into neglecting other things in your life that could bring you joy and balance.

Life is like a fine soup  and  needs, of necessity, to be a mixture of different ingredients, different flavours, different intensities, different streams of life-force.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy ( among other things).

So you often hear  how this over-zealous one-mindedness can take over one’s life   and you end up losing what you said you loved the most.   We hear stories of the hard working executive, totally dedicated to his work, leaving aside family concerns, letting someone else deal with those – till one day he wakes up to an empty house to find  that he has no family left to come home to.  What you ignore tends to ignore you. What you pay attention to, tends to stay around.

it’s becoming more and more recognized that everyone needs to have a balance in their lives. And that yes, it’s really not enough to be totally dedicated to your work, You also need to spend quality time with your family, you also need to develop  other interests, as well as be involved in community affairs.

I saw a man recently in a Tai Chi class I took, Of retirement age he’d spent his whole life hunched over a computer such that he couldn’t, literally, straighten out his back and his balance was way off.  A little late to come to the realization that the amount of time he’d spent that way was way overdone – compared to all the other things that life has to offer.   Let’s diversify!

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