Not living in today

Not living in today

We do a violence to ourselves when we live in yesterday or tomorrow, spending time  and energy worrying about things. (Mark Twain  once said “ My life was full of awful events, most of which never happened.) Holding grudges, planning revenge, allowing past hurts to fester and infect us, living in fear of eventualities that grow every time you think of their possibility, that even become self-fulfilling prophecies.

In the Power of Now, Eckhardt Tolle, tells us you can’t get to there from anywhere else but where you are. Enlightenment happens from here. The more “here’ you are the better chance you have to do it. That’s where meditation is very helpful, living in a state of mindfulness with all your antennae up and observing and drinking in every moment. Truthfullly acknowledging what you’re feeling to yourself and also to others. You don’t need to be constantly attacking people with your “truth” but when you do comment on something , tell it as you feel it.

The Royal Airforce was said to have 3 rules :
1.  Always tell the truth.
2. Never tell the complete truth
3. Never pass up the opportunity to go to the washroom

Sane advice,
After all you only have today really. Yesterday’s gone – you can’t do anything about it. Tomorrow’s a dream. But today we have totally, completely, with all its joys and all its opportunities. Whatever kindness you can do, do it now. Smile at the tired store clerk, her feet are probably aching. Look in your lovers eyes deeply, appreciate them.   “I pass this way but once…”

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