You’ve probably heard about it. The well-known Harvard study that followed  2 sets of graduates. One  reported  that they had goals but they were  more vague, and hadn’t been written.  Group 2 not only had goals but had also written them down.  i.e. had made them more real. He kicker was that , of course, the second group 10 years later had had considerably more success than the first.

It’s been found that  what you want wants you. You tend to pull to yourself that which you form a picture of and think about and emote over.
The same actually works for trying to remember something as well. The more senses you involve in the process of reviewing the information, the deeper  the item gets embedded in your unconscious, the higher your retention rate. If you can repeat whatever it is you want to remember, that’s great. If you repeat it in a loud voice, even better – another sense is involved. Then make a picture of it in your mind – a picture on the fridge is even better, another sense is involved.etc. etc….

Goals work. And they work for you. My first experience with goals  was a longer exercise out a Brian Tracy workbook. Very thorough, you were asked to list your “wanna-haves” in every category of your life. So OK. So for household chores, I decided I really didn’t want to have sole responsibility for my yard work, that I really would like some help with the garden. OK   So one item on a very long list.  Satisfied with myself I put the work aside and decided to take a walk in the laneway and go around the block for some air. Lo and behold, within minutes I was walking beside a young man carrying a potted plant. We got to talking. He was helping people in the neighbourhood with their gardens and voila! We made a deal for him to come and work  with me!  I was astounded, flabbergasted and befuddled. What had just happened? Well, that was no co-incidence: I intended something, and it started coming my way.

They say on the other side of life,  what you desire just appears, there’s no time lag. The same principle is at work here too – it’s only that there’s usually a time lag between the first thought and the manifestation, so we don’t always make the connection.  But connected they are.

Give it a try.

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