Life manifests who you are

Life manifests who you are

Stop sitting back and acting as if you had no responsibility for what appears in your life. That’s the old paradigm, where life just appears around you fully formed, always a surprise, usually an unpleasant one. Most of us were raised that way – you trudge through your life with various levels of expectation, but little hope that we could seriously influence life’s outcome.

There’s really a huge disconnect between what we’re told in school and how things actually work out.  So in school you’re told to study hard, so you get a good job. That’s it. You’re not encouraged to dream, even dream big. No, no! Don’t get too uppity. Remember your father was a simple farmer  with few opportunities in life. What makes you think you can now go out  and create some fantastic  ideal existence? Just be content with a nice little job, working your 30 years, paycheque to paycheque, then retiring to a life of relative poverty.

A huge shift is happening today. Thank God! And most people still don’t believe it. The news is that you were the creator of your life all along. Surprise! All your mediocre thoughts just automatically served up a life for you of mediocrity. And even if you wanted to reach a little higher, your fears got in the way and shot down any great ideas you might have.

I confess I lived a mediocre life, had mediorcre marriages, raised children as best I could but all I could give them was what I was. And dreams? You kidding? No, no real dreams. Just mundane worries about money and relationships and what the neighbours thought. But I’m starting to grow up. Starting to manifest what I really want. Starting to dream.

Let’s dream a new dream together!

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