So I’ve been working on the idea of manifesting lately, and I’d like to share a few thoughts with you on that. Different sources, some familiar, some not, with a few new insights. See what resonates with you.

The “Secret” told us to be positive, which is much harder than it sounds. In order to work on being more positive we need to first of all observe where we’re at. It’s only the rare person on this planet who will tell you right out – “yes, I’m too negative”. Most people go along day to day thinking they’re “being practical” worrying, figuring things out, elated occasionally, depressed occasionally, and more often than not, a little down, a little negative. Reactive. Like the picture of me in a dream here I was stuck on the chain of a garage door, about to get crushed , the higher I go, when I get to the hinge – someone else in control of the button – being pulled up or down depending on the circumstances, on the whim of someone else. Not in charge of my own life.

So if you want to get off that merry-go round, your first job is OBS – observe where you’re at. Literally start watching your thinking. Maybe in a journal, maybe in a little notebook you carry around. You could stop and check every few hours, for example, and ask yourself: what was I thinking just then? Until you know where you’re at, you can’t move that needle anywhere because you have no point of reference. Then when you’ve got a realistic grasp of just how negatitve you are ( and most people are), only then and only then, there’s a realistic chance of your getting out of that mindset and into something else you’d prefer.

My first major shift spiritually, was from negative to positive. It’s a whole different world you might say. I was with my dream group, and we were visiting a healer some years ago. Everyone had something different to ask. When it came to me, I don’t know what came over me – it’s not like I had given it a lot of thought, but I must have been feeling that I had too many negative factors in my thinking. What I asked was for a healing to become more positive. Surprisingly, he replied: Understood! And proceeeded to do a hands on healing. I must say I didn’t feel any different, but from that day on I was astonished to find myself addressing people differently: “darling’ and “sweetheart” which had never been part of my vocabulary before, started to drip into my conversations now & then – much to my own surprise. As if a shift had actually occurred and I really did feel more gentle, more positive to the rest of the human race.

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