Ramtha says manifesting is simple, really. As if it really is a given that you get what you ask for. Picture what you want, embellish the picture and feel into it, and do that daily, regularly, unremitingly. And it has to appear in your reality.

But – many a slip between cup and lip ( Browning?).The one trick is that you have to believe that it actually is possible – it can’t be out of the range of possibility – it could be, but then you wouldn’t believe in it as much, right? You have to BELIEVE beyond the shadow of a doubt that it’s real. Was it Zig Ziglar who affirmed that he was a certain number of pounds when writing his book, which he wasn’t. But he projected that reailty as if it was real at that moment. It’s not a lie, it’s affirming this new thing is real, in another reality, a future reality. When he finished the book he set about making the new affirmation real – exercise program, running every day, eating differently, etc And soon enough, lo and behold, he was the weight he’d projected in his imagination.

Never underestimate the power of the imagination. “Whatever the mind of man can imagine, he can achieve”! ( could someone refresh me on the source here?)

DOUBT can easily get in the way. You can go along for months believing in what you want, picturing it, putting in your feelings, knowing for a fact it’s coming – then you fall into a funk, and start to doubt the whole thing. And the Universe goes: you didn’t really want that? Oops! Change course. Back to square 1. And you have to start all over again from the beginning. And when what you wanted doesn’t appear, you just go – ah well, I knew it wouldn’t happen anyway . What the heck! Without realizing that it’s you standing in the way of your own success.

FEELINGS. Watch the You Tube video by Neville Goddard The Feeling is the Secret”. Seems it’s not enough to just want something and visualize it as real and feel that it’s real, and juice up the picture with really wanting it and feeling how good it’ll feel to get it. No, you have to consistently watch what it is you’re feeling about everythng attached to that as well. If you indulge in negative feelings around the image you just made up or have a negative association with it, that you occasionally indulge in, then all you’re doing is pulling the negative towards you, which is not what you want at all.

Talking about it having to appear in your reality, I was once working with the material of Brian Tracy. A large workbook. One of the questions was to write down 100 things that you want. Not so easy. OK. So one item, that had never occurred to me before that I realized I wanted was someone to help me in the garden. I was having a difficult time doing all the chores, I’d just never thought to ask for help.

After I finished I went for a walk in the laneway behind my house and a young fellow with a planter pot in his hands comes out of one of the yards. We get to talking, introduce ourselves and what do you do? Well I help people with their gardens – of course we made a date to do just that. Amazing, no?

It occurred to me later that that idea of getting help with the garden, had just never crossed my mind before – did I ever tell you “Ask and ye shall receive!”

Another thing I put on my “wanna have” list was more vests. I liked them and was starting to wear more of them, but didn’t have many. These appeared 2 months later in our local street sale.


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