More Manifesting

Write it down. Don’t people tell you that? Write it down! Write it down!

There’s some kind of magic that happens when you put pen to paper (not sure what the research is on finger to keyboard – if the results are the same or not.)

You’ve probably heard of the Harvard study where they split them into groups – One group wrote their goals on paper. One just did it in their heads. Followed them up and 20 years later lo and behold – the writers had achieved much higher positions and had accomplished a lot more than the non-writers.

You see there’s actually something physiological/ energetic that happens between pen and hand and brain, which is more than the sum of its parts. An interviewer on CBC the other day was commenting on just this point, saying that what he expected when he started writing journal, was just a one-on-one translation of his thinking onto paper. That’s not what happened. He found new ideas jumping into the mix that he hadn’t expected – even better ideas. Almost as if there was now a third party involved. Not sure that science has explained that one yet, but it is an observable fact that when you commit words to paper – what happens is more than the sum of its parts. As if that very act adds in an extra reflective dimension. (Ditto for telling an event/ idea to a friend : you’ll find new ideas popping up in the mix – or older related material presenting itself unexpectedly).

Everyone should keep a journal. That’s what I & my dream group were told. Not only write in it, but take it seriously enough to paginate it and index it – a page to record what page that dream was on, for special sayings, for special songs, etc… Then you can easily go back to that year and that incident, or that dream. Not keeping a journal is much like never checking yourself in the mirror – never looking at your reflection before you go out the door ( or waiting for your wife to yell at you: “You can’t go out like that!”)

Whatever goals you have – write them up in a special place – possibly the back of the journal – for each category of your life- personal relationships, character traits to modify, business goals, by when will you accomplish this, etc. And keep track. How am I really doing on this character trait of mine – that you said you wanted to get rid of a long time ago. Benjamin Franklin, who happily resides on the American Dollar bill – in his autobiography relates how he picked a virtue a month and worked on it diligently, recording successes and failures in his journal. And look how much he accomplished!

So make like Ben Franklin and WRITE IT DOWN!

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