One of the healthiest things you can do for yourself is to breathe. Really! I’m talking about deep breathing, of course. Jim Fannin calls it “The 90- Second Rule” And he makes a good living going around the country preaching at CEO’s, and ball-club owners, and star players, teaching them how to breathe. And you thought it was easy! I guess the hard part is just to remember to do it. The idea is when you do 90 seconds of deep breathing, you’re focusing your thoughts, clearing your mind, calming your emotions, and in optimum condition to do your best.

There was a medical intuitive who was on the radio awhile back who would give advice on health matters, but inevitably whatever ailment he was dealing with, he would also add: and each morning and each evening stop and take 10 deep breaths – this will help you enormously. Whether a backache or a broken foot, the deep breathing had a big role to play in recovery. Which makes sense because one of the prime indicators of health is how much oxygen you’ve got in your blood. If those numbers are too low they send you to the hospital and hook you up to an oxygen tank. Right?

So what’s happening? They say it takes about 90 seconds for your body to calm down after an emotional outburst. You can accelerate recovery by taking several deep breaths. For those who need to be extra focused, as in before a big presentation, or before that big pitch in a ball-game, it centres you, brings you in more focus, also helps you to become more relaxed. Energetically you are raising your personal vibration to a higher frequency, a place where you have more personal power, greater inner strength. Also your ability to heal yourself is increased. They say disease only exists on the lower levels- once you raise your vibration you increase your ability to do healing. The book The Quantum Touch refers to a specific method of breathing that healers can use to entrain the person being worked on to a higher level, where healing is more likely.

Native Shaman Arrole Lawrence, from Northern Ontario also teaches that breathing right has a central role in our ability to manifest, to heal, to redirect reality. An amazing teaching. (He’ll be giving courses in the fall).

So everyone, altogether now: take a deep breath through the nose, deep as you can. Hold it a bit, then explode it out through the mouth!

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