After you’ve gotten into relax habits in your life, your next job is to get rid of those things that disturb your peace – worries, fears, confusions, by developing a deep trust. A trust that covers you completely. Often the safety in our life is limited to the here and now, the mundane, the expected. What I’m talking about here is the much larger picture of your existence, your whole life picture. Imagine a life without worry or fear. Imagine being completely confident that really, everything WILL turn out for the best.

I wasn’t able to do that for a long time. Unable to trust, really trust that my best efforts really were enough, that having pointed my bus in the direction I wished to go and made efforts in that direction, and asked for help, and let go – that everything was in the works. I still needed to trust that it’s accomplishment was so. Needed to believe it was really a fact. In the Christian Spiritualist Church I go to I also got a message to that effect: that what my guides were working on with me was to Trust more.

Letting go is also a big part of the package too. Once you’ve done what you can, then you need to let go completely, knowing it’s done.If however you’re so possessive of the problem that you return to it every few minutes to worry it over and over again, what happens is that the powers that be step back , “You got this covered? Well, ok, you go ahead! “ And you then don’t get the help that would have been yours. You can return to it the next morning, or the next week, but don’t be clinging to it all day long.Conceive it, picture it with emotion, picture your happy ending. Ask you higher powers to take care of it and then Let Go! TRUST the Universe will do the rest.

And do pray. Remember “Ask and ye shall receive?” Life is meant to be teamwork. You’re never alone. My grandson spent all of one school afternoon crying in the washroom, after he’s been bullied – because he thought he was all alone, that there was no one to depend on.

The head of the Kabbalah movement used to be a headstong teenager and once got in big trouble, and ended up being thrown in a pit overnight. With no help in sight, she heard a voice say: “Keep calm, they’ll find you in the morning.” And she did and they did.

A friend of mine as a teenager in a small village, was alone with her brothers, while her parents were absent one night. And they got invaded by a bunch of hoodlums. My friend got dragged off into the bushes to be raped. But without fear, she kept praying and praying for help – and sure enough before long an older man from the group interfered and told the other to let her go.

Trust. In my reading of the Hypnotherapy text books: Spirit Releasement therapy by Baldwin, and Regression Therapy Bk 1 and 2 by Lucas, there’s the story of one therapist who as he began his practice uncovered several of his past lives. Reviewing them all, he commented that his best life was amazingly one where he was black female slave who lived her life with deep contentment amidst her clan, trusting that things would always work out, and trusting she’d always be taken care of.

The Universe really is taking care of you. Do the best you can, and TRUST the universe will do the rest.

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