Have you taken full responsibility for your life yet? There comes a time in everyone’s life when you start to get the impression that you don’t like what’s appearing in your life, and you get tired of always looking around to see who you can blame, who you can point to, to dump the responsibility. Well you see, it was this landlord who was really nasty…OR well it all comes down to my mother, if she hadn’t….. Yes that’s the easy way out, that way you no longer have to worry about it, because you know who to blame. End of story. But what if your whole life was your responsibility? Eh? Wouldn’t that change things a little?

Pretend you’re the CEO of your own company, and when anything goes wrong- well, the buck stops here. No matter what appears in your life take responsibility for it. The old lady that you pass on the street muttering to herself about the accursed government, could be a message to you to stop complaining, maybe. Events that hit you out of the blue, could be past life karma coming back to bite you.

I was raised Catholic, so the idea of past lives was not one I grew up with. But as I started reading more and delving into the spiritual realm, it started to draw my curiosity. In one psychic reading in my early 20’s I was told about several lives – all goody- 2- shoes lives, rather boring really. Later my dream teacher told us that one shouldn’t go searching for past lives just out of curiosity, but as the information becomes relevant to our lives, we may find out more about it.

In her book Past Life Dreamwork, Sabine Lucas recounts one of her past lives as a male poet during the French Revolution. Highly regarded, leading an honorable life, he nonetheless ended shamefully in a public hanging. This appeared to make no sense, till Lucas investigated further, finding that in another previous life, she’d been an highly placed Bishop of the church, who’d put many many people to death. Then it all made sense.

So don’t be a whiner or a blamer – we’ve got enough of those in the world. It’s only when you really take full responsibility for what appears in your life that you can really start to get that strong gut feeling that YES, I really can run my life, YES I have the power to change my future. And no matter what ends up in your lap – well, do whatever you can about it, of course. But if you can’t – well, it is as it is. Just accept what it is, and move forward making the best decisions you can – your move. You know, there are so many things in this life that we take for granted, are not as intractable as you might think. -take death, for example – but that’s for next week.

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