Death, is not inevitable, believe it or not. In the Book of Revelations, death is no more. The fact that we take death for granted, is not at all a proof of its inevitability. It’s just another assumption we grew up with, and just because we don’t personally know of anyone who transitioned without dying, doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Actually I stand corrected, the Bible states that both Enoch and Elijah were both assumed into heaven without dying and also Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus, was also said to have been assumed into heaven, as seen in some famous paintings, especially the one by Titian in the 1500’s, termed The Assumption. There’s also an up front and personal account of a human ascending into the Heavens in the book Ramtha (presently considered byEast Indians the God Ram) – a book channeled through J.Z.Knight.

(Interesting story there, when my chiropractor Dr. Malcolm retired, Ramtha was the book he gave me. I didn’t read it for years, till the autobiography of J.Z.Knight fell out of my arms while I was moving books around at my place one day and I got curious enough to read it. Only then did I remember that I actually had the Ramtha book – I was fascinated, and studied it for years after.)

A dream by one of the dream group illustrated the ubiquitous nature of this death idea: In the dream there was a big coffin that was located smack in the middle of the family’s living area, which interfered with their activities, for they had to constantly manoever around it. In other words the presence of the death idea, thinking that everyone has to die, actually curtails certain of our activities, hems us in and limits our possibilities here and now. Perhaps it’s time for a slight adjustment, no?

A few stories to illustrate not dying: In the 70’s Don Harron, host of CBC’s Morningside had on his show a lineup of dream interpretation specialists, a few psychologists and my teacher, Emy. He’d dreamt a few years before when He’d actually been in London and very sick that he was lying in a hospital bed, in walk 3 doctors who hand him a knife, and he was expected to kill himself. The dream had bothered him for years so his was the first dream that he put to the dream panel. Emy was the only one who offered an explanation: it’s not the disease that will kill you, it’s not the doctors who will kill you, it’s your accepting what the doctors hand you, completely swallowing it hook, line and sinker and inserting it into yourself- that will kill you.

Deepak Chopra tells the story of a group of miners that made the news. They were trapped underground due to some horrific cave-in and were stuck. They knew how long they could live given the number of people and the amount of air available. Only one man had a watch, so he was assigned to tell the time and announce how many hours had passed. He cheated. For every 2 hours that passed, he announced that 1 hour had passed. When they dug them out, everyone was alive, except for 1 man – you guessed it- the man with the watch. Because they all KNEW they had enough air and would keep living, whereas he KNEW he didn’t, and he wouldn’t. So he died according to what he believed.

The pastor of the Spiritualist church I go to has a true story that she tells about a close relative that was, a few years ago, in the hospital dying of, I think cancer. One day he got up and said he felt like going out for a paper, and did. Next day he got up and got dressed, went out, and never came back. Years later he was playing with his grandchildren one day and doing chores around the farm, and his wife said to him: did you ever imagine, when you were in the hospital dying , that you’d be up and running after your grandchildren and doing chores like this? He answered: “I thought of nothing else”.

So the moral of the story is that there is a huge margin of choice in all our lives, whether you’re an ascended master or a mere mortal. and “there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” (Hamlet, by Wm. Shakespeare )

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