What is the sound of God? the sound of God is laughter! Well it is according to Ramtha And that feels right somehow. ( pg.32)

“The whole ocean of Divine joy rolls beneath the little wave of your consciousness”. Paramahansa Yogananda

“Joy is the real reality, beneath ordinary objects is a deep sense of joy. Around and beneath each object is Divine Life, the real reality.”(dream teacher notes Nov’03)

“My favourite activity? To Laugh!” Dalai Lama

Mostly joy is thought of as the same as happiness, and considered as something you gain, once you’ve achieved some goal. I’ll be happy when – I get that job, that relationship, that new car… But we’re finding more and more in the happiness literature that being happy is not a function of some particular achievement. Rather everyone seems to have a set point of happiness, which yes, varies according to life’s circumstances, but soon returns to that set point, soon after the event passes. So the trick is to ‘up’ your set point, which you actually do have control over. Yes, you can choose to be joyful.

You’ve heard: fake it till you make it? The Manifestaion literature encourages us to be, NOW, in the feeling of where you’d be if you had arrived. One of the top executives in our company once gave a talk about this – saying that while he was lower on the ladder, he would deliberately make attempts at being the person he’d be if he was already at the level he was aspiring to be: more joyful, straighter back, calmer, self-confident appearance, sharply dressed, and joyful and relaxed – as you would be when everything is going your way. And now today that’s exactly where he is – where he wanted to be.

In other words: joy is a choice you can make, no matter what your circumstancs. If you really understand that joy is who you are, joy is the real reality, that real joy is just barely hidden beneath each ordinary thing around you – you just have to relax, and allow the joyousness of life that’s already there to shine through. “To those who have eyes to see, or ears to hear…” It’s not that life is miserable, only that you are miserable at the moment, in your parrticulat circumstance, and you think, erroneously that just because you’ve got a grey filter on your glasses, that all of reality is grey. Change your glasses, start to see what’s really there.

I often hear at the Spiritualist church readings for people that say: “your glasses are being cleaned… your vision of life is being corrected.” That’s why daily reflection is so important, and corrections to your “vision” of life, questioned. Once you digest that JOY is who you really are…. the possibilities are

Dorothy Maclean in “To Hear the Angels Sing” talks of the Angels only creating in joy. Talks of her times before she had resonce with her God-Self as being sadder times – that she became more joyful after her understanding became clearer. That’s why Ramtha speaks of the deep joy and excitement one feels when creating something new and WONDERFUL, saying that’s how everything is created, with deep feelings of joy and excitement.

So the more you smile the more you’ll have reason to smile. Relax into the real you, the joyful you, and the world will take the hint, and start smiling back.

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