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My take on the news has been that I’m uncomfortable with it. That’s clear. But until I heard Kryon on “The Broken Media” on You Tube (Aug 2020) I couldn’t clearly express what could change. I’ve been following Kryon for a few years already and his channelling through Lee Carol. You can also catch “Kryon Exposes the Media’s tactics…” May 2020

He’s right “the media don’t care to give us hope” Just a slight distortion makes all the difference between hope and despair. After telling everyone to stay home, they report that unemployment is the worst ever in all of history, as if we’d had a huge war and our infrastructure and all those jobs are gone. They’re not. Just say the word, and all those factory workers/ skilled/ unskilled labour ( or at least a good portion of them) are probably willing and able to get back to work. No, the media really don’t care to give us hope.

What about, as Kryon suggests, giving us all the numbers instead of just the numbers that died of Covid. Why not tell us the numers that recovered first, then tell us how many of the ones that died had pre-existing health conditions – is that part a secret? Because whenever I hear the opposing point of view, the first thing you hear is: “ Well you know the numbers aren’t accurate because they don’t report the ones who died according to how many of those had pre-existing health conditions.”

It’s a matter of taking personal responsibility when reporting larger events. So you found some garbage on the street and you’re going to now throw that garbage in every direction you can – declaring: here you are, this is how it is. I take no responsibility for this garbage. It is as it is. But it’s not. The way you choose to display that garbage IS your responsibility, as is the slant you put on it. No this is not just a neutral, impartial matter of naked facts. You need to also take responsibilty for how people feel after they read it. And right now the media are stoking the fear, uncertainty, and sense of helplessness. Kryon’s right, the higher suicide rate is probably directly caused by how the media have portrayed the situation – all doom and gloom.

I, for one, am very optimistic. I see so many good changes, and initiatives, and ideas. No we’re not going back to “normal” any time soon. And Thank God! for that. Everyone’s going through self-reflection, rethinking, restructuring. And each in our own little way, we’re beginning to see the light.

Also the numbers of Covid deaths have only recently been reported according to identifiable groups of people. The States have done better than us, in this, it seems. It’s downright uncomfortable to hear the numbers who died also being linked to stats on racial minorities, homeless numbers, deaths in shelters, marginalized communities , prison populations. But those numbers have just recently been released – up to now, the authorities haven’t even been classifying deaths by category. And why not?
Too uncomfortable to stare at closely? As in: No Covid deaths in the Bridle Path part of town. Hm?

Structural changes are being called for here. Why is it that we have such a large homeless population anyway? I heard one prediction about the future, that we wouldn’t have anyone homeless because people would just automatically open their doors to someone without a place to stay. There’s an idea. Could be! Why not report some good news for a change and spread a little hope too.

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