Let’s Quit Remembering

War is hell! You do things in war you’d never think of doing otherwise: rape, steal, murder… it’s a time that brings out the worst in human nature – the worst things that are not only recommended, they’re mandated.

Just like at Hallowe’en with regard to scaring others: “Happy Hallowe’en!” we cheerily say to each other, as if it’s perfectly normal to wish each other a happy frightening time – a time when ghouls, and blood and gore and things that go bump in the night are not only recommended, but mandated.

War is hell! My mother remembers walking out of Latvia following a retreating Russian army near the end of WWII. She had the distinction of following one of the last convoys to leave before the Germans came in- in her high heels no less & very pregnant.
Remembers hearing screaming women being raped in the night, seeing bloody bodies strewn everywhere contorted in horrendous ways.

Remember our glorious dead? Why don’t we rather remember the thousands killed in horrible ways and vow never to do that again.

Video games started when the Americans realized that there is a natural reluctance to killing your own kind. ( Surprisingly the antique guns from previous wars were tested and showed us that most of them had never been fired). They set out to change that by putting troops through killing practice to build their resistance to killing their own kind, via video games, in scenes of simulated killing. They succeeded. And the Vietnamese war that followed was recorded as one of the bloodiest in history. Another result was that now hundreds of thousands of our children are practicing killing in violent video games. Some of the killers that carried out mass shootings the past years have been video gamers. No connection of course.

Donald Trump for all his failings, was one of the few if not the first president who did not initiate any new conflicts during his presidency, but rather ordered many of the troops home, withdrawing from several battle arenas. That never gets mentioned. (Why would it? The latest numbers on the media coverage of the Trump presidency was that by one count 96% of their coverage was negative, by another 92% was all negative -New York Times)

In other words most presidents agreed with sending in thousands of troops to fight the good fight (so we’re told. for our good, worthy, glorious cause). Wars initiated by men (never women), who never had to sacrifice their own lives, thinking of the glory or shame of their own country. Hardly a lofty spiritual ideal. As Kryon put it – we’re still like little kids throwing stones at each other in the school yard. A fight is a fight, no matter how you cut it. As we mature as human beings we can see war for what it is. Stop glorifying those who fought and died in wars, prepping the next generation for the glory of going into battle for our next righteous cause.

I had a dream a few years ago where a well-dressed young man was demonstrating the idea of “war” by mime, to an audience who no longer understood the concept, and had no conception of what war was anymore. Because WAR WAS NO MORE. Passe, a forgotten concept we’d outgrown.

Why don’t we? Let’s try PEACE.
As Deepak Chopra said: take the vow of peace in your own life. Then we can all sing
Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me.

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