How to live

“You don’t know how to live, really live! You’re all far too busy and stressed” my dream teacher was told in a dream.

Covid’s done a lot of us a huge favour. It’s forced us to sit back and look around at our lives – maybe for the 1st time ever, we’ve been forced into ourselves. Some people panicked and complained of mental distress. Some people suicided. And some began to look around their lives and ask some hard questions – do I really want this husband ( divorces are way up), this job (chance to try a new direction), this house (moving out of the city is becoming a real option). Options that our “normal” lives would probably not have allowed for. Time to look deep into our options.

It stretched our imaginations, stretched our inner lives, stretched our real selves, stretched us as human beings. Realizing we really were human beings, not just human doings.

In China, my Qi Gong instructor tells me, they see your energy field as the real reality. Whereas in the West, we see only the outer structure of our lives as the real reality. The inner energy field, which we can feel but we can’t see, we regard as “airy-fairy woo-woo”. But we will one day discover that our outer reality is really created by our inner reality.

My dream teacher was walking up her street in Forest Hill some years ago when she heard a young girl further up wailing and crying and carrying on. Rather astonished and annoyed as it went on and on, she was finally told “that’s you”. Oh! Seems she had been upset about something and this girl’s crying was just a manifestation of her own upset in her outer reality. Quite the lesson!

Our inners are the originators of our outers. Our inner lives should be the focus of any change we want to bring into our lives. And it starts with a feeling – what is it you really want to do now with your life – what do your feelings tell you, what really makes you happy. Campbell always said, ”Follow your bliss”. It’s a good start!


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