Drink the Kool-aid

Drink the Kool-aid

Interesting story: Back in the days when people still commonly bought kool-aid for their kids, a friend of mine living in the country with her 3 children ended up storing a case of Kool-Aid up in her attic – some end-of-the-stock find, no doubt. Some time later she excitedly told me that she’d found several dead rats scattered here and there all over her attic! They evidently had actually been into the case of kool-aid and died as a result! Ouch!

I remember the Jonestown suicides being associated with the expression“drink the Kool-Aid” where a whole community were led to drink a poisonous drink on the urging of a charasmatic but misguided leader. But seemingly the Kool-Aid had a lethal effect even before the poison was added possibly because of its many artificial ingredients. Thankfully Kool-Aid no longer graces the shelves of our grocery outlets nor is that type of sweetened sugar water thought to be an appropriate drink to feed our children. That was just a cute lie we bought, along with all the other advertising of artificial foods that had just started to become popular at that time – most of which had lots of added sugar, no doubt as well as artificial flavourings like the deadly MSG and colourings, and preservatives and long lists of unpronouncable additives.

Recently I was shopping for a friend with cancer and was trying to avoid glucose as much as possible. (By the way I was shocked at the amount of added sugars I found in their prepared foods e.g. 18% sugar in a small pkg of prepared seaweed). I’d read that near the end of the war, Hitler had commissioned a Jewish scientist to work on finding a cure for cancer- because he was terrified of the disease. The doctor had found, interestingly enough, that if you remove the glucose from the cancer cell, the cancer dies. Simple. So avoid all suger and have a lower amount of fruit. Also avoid foods like cakes and donuts and bagels that turn immediately into glucose as soon as they get eaten. Now if this was discovered in the 40’s why doesn’t everyone know about it yet? I wonder who could be profiting here? Hm? Who could possibly be impacted by a discovery that could help thousands of cancer patients but at the same time might affect somebody’s bottom line.

Talk about hiding the truth and deliberate deception! And we in North America end up with the highest sugar consumption in the world, along with the highest obesity rates, as well as skyrocketing diabetes rates, cancer rates, along with a lot of other diseases. And we bought it all. We drank the Kool-Aid We depended on our medical profession to tell us the truth. We depended on Big Pharma to give us medicines that would cure us. Whenever someone would offer us some little natural remedy, we’d say, “Oh no, I have to check with my doctor, and see what he says.” We depended on our government to protect us from fraudsters and charlatans. When I was growing up “chiropractor” was a dirty word – schools wouldn’t allow discussions on the subject and Eastern Medicine was not considered legitimate.

Ladies and Gentlemen we need to stop depending on our institutions to give us all the answers, and start thinking for ourselves, and find our own solutions. Stop with the Kool-Aid.

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