Good for the soul. To grow up believing it’s wrong to masturbate is to believe one is never to enjoy one’s own body. Certain religions believe sex can only be used to make babies and can only be indulged in within certain narrow parameters. Pleasuring yourself is certainly very wrong they believe– parents often push away the hands of their children that stray over their body, investigating certain sensations of delight.

The message is that pleasant sensations from your body are not to be encouraged. Don’t delight in a wonderful luxurious soapy bath, the great feeling of the water on your skin when you swim in the ocean, having a lovely foot bath and a massage. Don’t ever admire your body and enjoy the view.

What a sad kind of civilization we’ve ended up with. With so many constraints on our enjoying life that you begin to understand that a famous author once said: “Life is short and brutish, and then you die”. My mother believed that. She taught me that the body was evil, the source of sin and temptation. It’s taken me awhile but I now firmly believe we were not put here to suffer, to struggle, to sacrifice and deny ourselves.

My dream teacher used to remind me occasionally to notice the little things around me that were pleasant and joyful. It was one of her habits to go out for afternoon tea, when we could. When I’d pick her up and were leaving her apartment she would inevitably reach into her pocket for a candy/ peppermint for both of us. Always something that would make me smile. She believed in enjoying life – the new way for the New Era, the way of the Feminine.

In one of the Conversations with God books, it’s pointed out that we were put here on the planet and given a body to take care of, to love and enjoy. The God-voice in the channelled text encourages us to enjoy our own bodies, and sees nothing wrong with masturbation, to the shock of many I’m sure. To deliberately deny ourselves the joy the body can give us, is perverse. In Tantric sex we find a different view, mind you – there masturbation and enjoying sex are accepted and encouraged as opposed to the view of many of the Western traditions.

Matthew Fox in his book Original Blessing asserts that the world of Original Sin & Redemption is the cause of much of our fear and could be the source of many of the negative views we have of the body. “There is a necessary connection between trust learned regarding our own body and our own existence -original blessing and the blessing that earthiness is and trust of cosmos. Artist Robert Henri testifies to this when he says ‘ There is nothing in all the world more beautiful or significant of the laws of the universe than the nude human body.’

With differing views of the body and sex come different attitudes to life as well. When you travel to different countries it’s striking how unique they can be. The Mediterranean countries seem so much more relaxed than us. Month long vacations and enjoying the good things of life come naturally there. Our stingy little one week vacations don’t compare.

Enjoy who you are fully, love yourself, celebrate yourself. Among the sometimes grim reality around us, we all long for more joy and laughter and love – in all its forms.


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