Stand up Straight

For Pete’s sake as well as your own. Ever think about straightening up more? As the song goes “Straighten Up and Fly Right” (Nat King Cole?)

Most people walk and live seeing more of the ground than the horizon. It’s not something that garners much attention anymore. It used to. When I was in grade school in the 50’s it was a common admonition:“Stand up straight!” or “Sit up straight!” It was just one of the things that was expected of an upstanding, upright growing human being. Not no more. As a supply teacher I’ll often walk into a classroom full of kids now and see them all hunched over their laptops, all scrunched up/ pretzeled up/ contorted into new and exciting variations of posture,where ‘straight’ is not even a point of discussion. If I happen to do a meditation at some point in the school day and ask for “straight backs, feet on the ground” I get strange looks and all manner of uncomfortable shuffling.

That it’s your right to walk or sit however pleases you, isn’t the question. It’s that kids today aren’t taught the facts of life that go along with that choice. Any chiropractor will tell you, you’re potentially doing yourself a lot of harm by slouching. To continue to not stand as straight as you can harms you -physically, mentally & spiritually. Honest! What it comes down to is your attitude to life.

The more curled up you are in your body, the closer to fetal you are in your life attitude – when hiding/fearful/ in extreme pain/ ready to leave the planet. Just watch people walking down the street:the straighter they walk the more respect you tend to have for them, the more bent over, there’s more concern over age / disability…. Pride in self is a good thing, and not everyone has it. When you think well of yourself you tend to walk straighter. Taking pride in who you are and what you do, displaying ‘being in yourself/being here now.’

So try to walk with your nose just slightly above the horizon consistently, and you’ll find yourself with a happier attitude and a sunnier life. Really!

Now any posture, if you practice it long enough feels normal and efforts at changing it, a real strain, but if you understood the possible harm you’re doing by continuing to slouch, you might want to put out some effort into changing that.

I’ve recently taken up a new mantra, that helps encourage me in this direction:

“Walk slower, stand taller, breathe deeper, smile sweeter”.

So DO!


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