For what? Well, it could be you’re an actor pretending to be someone you’re not. Right? Or maybe your job entails your looking a certain way – say as a hostess at a grand hotel Or maybe you’re trying to look your very very best, maybe out in company or for a very special occasion.

So that’s all clear – everyone agrees on that. But looking at it closer: why is it only women put makeup on regularly, but not men? There’s probably a perfectly good historical reason that it’s developed that way, but really ladies, it’s 2021 and why exactly do we feed the million dollar cosmetic industry with such gusto?

Perhaps ever since the cult of character turned into the cult of appearances/ managing your image. Millions of dollars spent on covering up mistakes, selling your side of the story, when ‘appearing to be’ matters more than ‘being’.

Yes it’s nice to feel your very best, being admired, getting preferential treatment. But really, why do we feel we need to do that. The men who work along side you, don’t. Sometimes we’re lucky if they’ve even washed off yesterdays sweat, much less gone to the trouble of enhancing their eyebrows or darkening their lips.

So for what really? Are we pretending to be something we’re not? Are we not good enough as we are? But need to enhance every conceivable feature that we present to the world. The breasts need to be just so, the stomach flat, the eyebrows neat & tidy and thin. No wrinkles.

Adrienne Clarkson, recently our Governor General, in the early stages of her career was constantly bombarded by the press with negative comments on what she was wearing. Fed up with the barrage of comments on her appearance she finally turned up at one scheduled interview wearing her house coat. Point taken. After that the press started paying more attention to her accomplishments, rather than her accoutrements.


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