I’m Beautiful

Once upon a time many years ago when I was taking a dream interpretation course in Toronto with my teacher Emy Allavena, in one session one of the middle aged women who was usually very particular about her appearance came into class with no eye makeup at all – explaining she had an eye infection and couldn’t use anything on her eyes for now. She shrugged her shoulders exclaiming: “well this is the real me!”

“No it’s not!” countered our teacher. “The real you is healthy, happy, joyful and beautiful!” – rather astonishing the class. What she was saying was that we all need to begin seeing our real true attributes. To look beyond appearances, and see ourselves as loved and beautiful, and fully happy in our lives, completely healthy – despite temporary appearances and despite outside reactions. We need to feed ourselves with the real reality of beauty and joy and love.

Ramtha says essentially the same thing: You can affirm right where you are and in whatever condition you’re in, that you are immortal, that your NOW is forever. You do not need to affirm your mortality as most people do, I’ve even heard it said that most people die because they expect to. Cut out all mention of death and you can live forever in this NOW.

There was a dream by a woman in my teacher’s family in Rome that her family were living in a place where there was a coffin right in the middle of their living room. And whenever they passed through there, they had to manoeuvre their way around the coffin. Meaning the idea of death is a constant in everyone’s living space, and whatever we do we have to take our mortality into consideration. That’s what most people think, even though it doesn’t have to be that way We could choose to be beautiful and healthy &expect to live forever. Just because everyone believes something doesn’t make it true

My Spiritualist church pastor tells the story of an uncle who was in hospital dying of cancer. One day he got up, got dressed and went out for a paper. The next day he got up, got dressed and left the hospital for good, never to return. Years later while he was out playing with his grand kids and chopping wood on his land, his wife asked him – when you were in hospital dying, did you ever think you’d still be out here chasing after your grand kids and even chopping wood? He said “I thought of nothing else”. Evidently a different expectation brought a different result.

So evidently we can influence our future by the attitude we assume – so be beautiful, and feel healthy and feel loved, and live as long as you like.

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