Some years ago I was curious about the concept of judgment. I heard such differing opinions on the matter: “Judge not lest ye be judged” says the Bible. But we’re told to fear the “Last Judgment” where God judges you. Hmm! If God judges you then it can’t be all bad, right? No?

So I decided to put it out to the Universe to give me some clarity. The teachers I had in Delphi, the Spiritual University, always insisted we ask whenever we were unclear on something. Whenever the students would come back with “I still don’t understand it!” The teacher kept repeating, “ so ask, and keep asking till you get it”. As if there really was a process in place where the Universe was obliged to get you the thing you really wanted to know.

So I did I put it out there that I wanted to get clear on the concept of judgment. A few years later I started to realize I was getting information on the topic and it was becoming more and more clear.
It seems it’s only on this 3rd dimension that good and bad exist. It’s only on this dimension that we can feel righteous judgment. over judging when someone does something we disapprove of. When you look at the same situation from a higher vantage point it just is as it is – and it’s all one energy, all one reality, all part of the one whole.

Most people have a hard time accepting a reality they don’t like, as just”it is what it is”and spend a lot of energy on getting upset over it. If you have a choice, sure change what you can – but if you have no control over it, judgment. may make you feel good, feel righteous, but it has no beneficial effect, really. Judgment pulls whatever you don’t like to you closer, especially if you’re emotional about it and letting off steam, and right in there hating it. (see “the Feeling is the Secret”). So leave off judging others, it gets you nowhere.

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