So how much laughing did you do today? Hm? No it’s not how much occasion did you have around you to occasion you to laugh – rather it’s what attitude you began your day with. Did you know it’d be a joyful day and you fully expected to find joyous occasions as a matter of course? Surprisingly, it’s actually up to you. You don’t get what you want necessarily, you get what you expect. (Amy Jo Ellis, channelled)

On a blah day once, I opened the Readers Digest Bible on Laughter, and started to read through the jokes. Whether good, bad or indifferent I ended up smiling consistently, and sometimes even laughing out loud, and when I finally put it down, I found myself in a jolly mood, certainly sunnier than when I started. You may have heard of the heart specialist, a doctor, who began his own path to recovery by collecting all the funniest material he could find and took it as a regimen to daily get his full dose, And he did recover.

The long list of benefits you get physically and mentally should be enough to convince anyone to deliberately take in laughter as a tonic for your health and daily. When I taught music in schools I use to give the smiling and cheekbones lecture: put your fingers up to your cheekbones and move them around. Whenever this part of your face moves as when laughing, smiling, or singing or talking with animation, you release feel-happy endorphins into your bloodstream that actually raises your immune system and makes you feel better. Nice, eh?

So as you move towards a more joyful life, build in those factors that ensure the best jolly outcome: make it a habit for everyone in your family, say, to have a new joke to share for your Sunday dinner. Sing together. When you do your affirmations, say them out loud. Sing alone out loud when you’re on your walk. You’d be surprised, but nobody faints.

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