There’s a story from one of my Regression Therapy text books where a middle-aged therapist is recalling several of his lifetimes. He reports that of all the lives he’s recovered, his best life was as an elderly black woman slave in the Bahamas. It was a life full of love, contentment and trust. She knew where she belonged, centred in her tribe, she was content with the life she had, and most importantly she trusted that life was unfolding for her as it should.

TRUST. Total, complete, unwavering. Trusting that the universe is unfolding as it should and that we will indeed be taken care of. Now this doesn’t necessarily anchor to any particular religious tradition, though it could. All it is is trusting in the positive forces of the Universe. Believing completely that everything will turn out for the best and you have nothing to fear.

As the proposition in Star Wars would have it: when you’re in fear you propagate all the negative emotions that bring you down to a lower, less productive vibration. And when you start to move away from fear and towards love and light and trust, life works out better for you, works out to your advantage.

I too have found that whenever doubt creeps into my thinking, and I begin to fear that I’m never going to arrive on what I set my sights on, that doubt and fear easily cancel any gains you’ve made and easily steer you off track, off course. Then I get the feeling that I need to return to TRUST. Trusting the Universe is benevolent, and I am loved just as I am.

Depend on the beneficial forces of the Universe. Teach your children to never feel alone in any situation. Know you are loved beyond all imagining, know there are forces surrounding you who need only be invited in to help you out. There’s a rule that says the angels are not allowed to help you unless you ask. So ask, expect the best and TRUST.


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