Came across a study on the placebo effect that has proven that all healing is really self-healing Amazing news!

Meaning our wills are much more powerful than we thought.

Our minds are powerful – much more so than we’ve allowed for.

Everyone grows up in a ready-made belief system, from their parents, their culture, their teachers, their priests, their governments, their banks, their friends… Given the overwhelming nature of all our influences, for one to have actually made up their own mind on every single belief system is next to impossible. It only makes sense that at least some of these beliefs could be wrong.

The belief that death is a given. (As sure as death & taxes, Right?) Actually it’s just another belief system. Sure it looks like most people die, but actually there was a time when there was no death – and such a time will come again: from the last Book of the Bible, “And death will be no more.”

The belief that we have no control over how our body works – is just that – another belief. There are groups of Tibetan monks who have trained their bodies to maintain a steady body temperature despite sitting out in the cold over longer periods of time.

Any ailment comes to you to get your attention, much like a little kid trying to pull on your shirt sleeve to tell you something. Your beliefs create your life, create the events that happen, create the lessons you have to learn. So when you have an ailment, one of the main answers is found inside yourself.

A brother of a friend of mine was in a horrendous motorbike accident and ended up in a hospital for months. During that time he noticed how it was that his sons treated his wife and saw, for the first time that this was exactly how he treated her as well. Not pretty. He left the hospital a changed man.

So whenever an ailment enters your life, go look in the mirror and reexamine your life, See what needs to change.


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