Girl Ghoul

When you die you become a ghoul with oversized large ugly eyes, strange ghastly skin colouring and a body that comes apart – assembles and disassembled at will. Right? And you live with other ghastly looking people with body parts that talk and have a life of their own And your only wish to to make friends and play with living children.

This is the premise of a book called “Ghoulia”, that came out of an elementary school recently, in the hands of a 6 yr. old.

A few things to question here: Why is horror and frightening material being being presented to children this young? What kind of justification do the teaching staff give for the deliberate frightening of small children?

Is the idea of hell still put forth as real in this day and age?

A friend of mine who was raised a good Catholic was very afraid of hell. Till one day she dreamt that she was falling into hell, and falling and falling, till she finally landed safely on a bed of straw. Quite safe, no harm done. In other ideas of hell was not a reality.

The deliberate frightening of children is a serious incursion into a child’s peace of mind. And for what? For entertainment? For an adrenaline rush? Deepak Chopra says what happens to us when we get frightened or upset is that we start to die – literally- each of our organs start to function badly starting with the immune system, the digestive system, etc.

What is the purpose of education after all? Don’t we want to instilll higher values in our young people? Worthy goals, great ideas to pursue

A few years ago I stood before the TDSB’s Curriculum Committee, we discussed the issue and they unanimously decided that Horror does not belong in the classroom. I guess this school didn’t get the memo.



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