If Looks Could Kill

“If looks could kill!” We’ve all seen that one. And seen the fury being thrown out through someone’s eyes. To illustrate: I was attending a small luncheon at a local hotel with family and neighbours and listening to one woman’s long involved recitation of a story of how this particular tile man had done such a sloppy job while renovating her washroom and how she’d had all this cleaning up to do after he left. She was obviously furious about the whole incident and kept emphasizing how angry she’d been at “this idiot” ! She seemed to go on and on for an unusually long time with the whole thing. After finishing her story there was a slight pause, after which she added: “ Oh and he died shortly after.” I almost choked on my food hearing this – she’d evidently killed him with her fury, her unrelenting hatred and upset. Looks can kill or should I say: Intentions can kill and do.

That’s why it’s so important to watch what you’re thinking during your day. Don’t let negative thoughts go unchecked indefinitely. Understand that your thinking forms the reality you end up with. Angry thoughts are like bullets: each formation is meant to go out and do as much harm as possible. So stop to stare at what you’re sending out. The more positive thoughts you send out to the Universe, the happier your life will be.

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