Regression Therapy

It’s amazing, really, that we could live our lives in many different eras/ centuries and never remember what our lessons were or what not to do next time round. I understand that’s about to change in the coming 5th dimension that we actually will be born with our memories intact / our lessons intact.

Trust me, everyone needs Regression Therapy. I took the Rohun Regression Therapy course at Delphi Spiritual University in Georgia – best investment I ever made. Now this one’s hard to believe – but I’ve heard of one documented case where the same husband kills his wife nine reincarnations in a row. Do you think they might have benefited from a little walk down memory lane?

Past Lives Dreamwork authored by Sabine Lucas, is a fascinating read. A Jungian Analyst herself, she alerts us for what to look for in our own dreams when looking for a past life. For one it could be a dream where you’re only an observer of the action, rather than a participant, OR it could be a dream that’s in period costume – set in an obviously different part of history. Clues for you to follow once you get up the curiosity to start looking down that rabbit-hole. Looking for those missing pieces in your story. Looking for the real answers & mending your life!


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