“Look at the birds. They neither sew nor reap yet…
We worry. It’s natural, right? We barely think that there’s another way to exist . I once heard a pastor say “Why worry, when you can pray? That’s certainly one way of TRUSTING and moving forward with positivity. It’s important to recognize what you could do better and work on it. Then after you’ve done what you can, or decided on a plan of action, then it’s really important to let it go, for now. Ask someone in a higher realm to take it from there, solve it for you. And completely let it go. As long as you’re thinking of the problem constantly – the forces that surround you step back- they don’t interfere where they’re not invited – you need to ask. Free will, you know. It’s not forever, you can engage with it tomorrow again, but for now, just let go.

There’s a story from one of my regression therapy text books where the man tells of a past life where he was quite happy – as a woman slave in the Bahamas, would you believe. Happy because she trusted, completely that she was being taken care of. She felt secure in her place in society, part of a large tribe/family. Trusting that her life would turn out well, and she had nothing to fear.

This is something we could all try to aspire to: worry appropriately, plan the best you can, ask for help from higher sources (both in your life and beyond it.) Then let go. Know and trust that it’s taken care of Ultimate responsibility is not yours. Then TRUST and fully and completely expect the best.


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