Conversations with God

In the “In the “Conversations with God” book series, it’s proposed that whatever feels good to you is the way to heaven not the road to hell. Hmm! Now there’s a thought!

Most of us have been brought up with the notion that if it feels good it’s probably forbidden – masturbation and sex included.

Of course that presumes you are mature enough to have outgrown feeling good when you hurt someone or make others feel bad. Otherwise yes, absolutely do what feels good!

Doesn’t it feel good to like yourself and approve of what you do, and even love yourself?I don’t remember ever being told in church to love yourself. It was always, sacrifice to others, give to others.

Loving yourself was never mentioned, never mind a priority. The injunction to do for others is wonderful but not at the expense of care for self. So many women I’ve known have spent years wearing themselves out because of this. Giving, giving, giving and not enough concern for self.

Sacrifice’s self denial were never meant to establish life patterns just be a step in our evolutionary growth.

There’s a YouTube video called “Joshua Speaks of Ascension 101” and he talks of being mindfully joyful if you want to raise your vibration and ascend to a higher spiritual level. Joy you find in the things that delight you. Let there be light. Let there be joy. Let there be feeling good.


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