What is the sound of God? the sound of God is laughter! Well it is according to Ramtha And that feels right somehow. ( pg.32)

“The whole ocean of Divine joy rolls beneath the little wave of your consciousness”. Paramahansa Yogananda

“Joy is the real reality, beneath ordinary objects is a deep sense of joy. Around and beneath each object is Divine Life, the real reality.”(dream teacher notes Nov’03)

“My favourite activity? To Laugh!” Dalai Lama

Mostly joy is thought of as the same as happiness, and considered as something you gain, once you’ve achieved some goal. I’ll be happy when – I get that job, that relationship, that new car… But we’re finding more and more in the happiness literature that being happy is not a function of some particular achievement. Rather everyone seems to have a set point of happiness, which yes, varies according to life’s circumstances, but soon returns to that set point, soon after the event passes. So the trick is to ‘up’ your set point, which you actually do have control over. Yes, you can choose to be joyful.

You’ve heard: fake it till you make it? The Manifestaion literature encourages us to be, NOW, in the feeling of where you’d be if you had arrived. One of the top executives in our company once gave a talk about this – saying that while he was lower on the ladder, he would deliberately make attempts at being the person he’d be if he was already at the level he was aspiring to be: more joyful, straighter back, calmer, self-confident appearance, sharply dressed, and joyful and relaxed – as you would be when everything is going your way. And now today that’s exactly where he is – where he wanted to be.

In other words: joy is a choice you can make, no matter what your circumstancs. If you really understand that joy is who you are, joy is the real reality, that real joy is just barely hidden beneath each ordinary thing around you – you just have to relax, and allow the joyousness of life that’s already there to shine through. “To those who have eyes to see, or ears to hear…” It’s not that life is miserable, only that you are miserable at the moment, in your parrticulat circumstance, and you think, erroneously that just because you’ve got a grey filter on your glasses, that all of reality is grey. Change your glasses, start to see what’s really there.

I often hear at the Spiritualist church readings for people that say: “your glasses are being cleaned… your vision of life is being corrected.” That’s why daily reflection is so important, and corrections to your “vision” of life, questioned. Once you digest that JOY is who you really are…. the possibilities are

Dorothy Maclean in “To Hear the Angels Sing” talks of the Angels only creating in joy. Talks of her times before she had resonce with her God-Self as being sadder times – that she became more joyful after her understanding became clearer. That’s why Ramtha speaks of the deep joy and excitement one feels when creating something new and WONDERFUL, saying that’s how everything is created, with deep feelings of joy and excitement.

So the more you smile the more you’ll have reason to smile. Relax into the real you, the joyful you, and the world will take the hint, and start smiling back.

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So you’d like to be immortal? You should!

Immortality is the real reality. Immortality is your right. Immortal is what you really are.

Start to change your mind. What if you didn’t have to die? What if your future had no cemeteries in it – We would just transition to the next phase of our existence as a soul – maybe take your body with you?

Ramtha did. He’s now one of the ascended masters, and he did channeling through a woman called J.Z Knight. The story of his ascension is very moving. (see Ramtha -The White Book).How he had more and more leisure toward the end of his life. He would every day go out into the hills and think about the Unknown God, and contemplate the Nature around him. He desired more than anything to become the wind, and eventually he did and he ascended. He’s presently known as Ram in the Hindu list of deities.

Enoch did, as did Elijah ( Old Testament: Gen.5:24)

The woman master from The Seven Taoist Masters did. She practiced meditating and practiced Taoist Tai Chi and the internal arts for many years and finally she ascended before her whole village.

Mother Mary did. They called that The Assumption, rather than the Ascension, presuming probably that being a woman she needed a little help with that- someone of higher status needed to help her out.

Here are some quotes from Ramtha:
(pg.155) “…what is to be done now is to become you – God that you are, steadfast, certain, sovereign. I am. And the only illusion you need to master is the illusion that you do not have the ability to become that!….removing it from your thought processes. Whatever you do in thought and in feeling is reality… Love what you are…Love it! Know that you are forever, that you are God. Know it! Feel it! Embrace that thought…the cellular mass of your embodiment will be in jubilation.

(pg 74)….in this very moment you can cease time completely and live in the foreverness of this now, if you so choose. Time is an illusion. You have the power within you, right where you are, to reverse the age of your embodiment back into youth and to live on, and on, and on…Simply through your attitude…say that your body will live forever and so it will. Remove all things in your life that acknowledge the ending of it, and it will never end.

Always live in the present. Never acknowledge any future other than this now. Your now will be your eternity.
Love yourself…Bless your body. Speak to your soul and command it to bring forth the enzymes, (& hormones, and telomeres) of youth and it will. Know that your body can live forever…by telling it to!”

Actually my dream teacher used to encourage her group to think that we all could begin to de-age. To think of ourselves as getting younger every year, instead of older. She related the story of one medical doctor who was well-known in Austria for advising his patients at the end of his doctoring: “Now go home, and every day, look in the mirror and tell yourself: ‘every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better’!”

And finally, I should tell you that I personally know 3 people who for a fact have no intention of dying this life time, but every intention of ascending.

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Death, is not inevitable, believe it or not. In the Book of Revelations, death is no more. The fact that we take death for granted, is not at all a proof of its inevitability. It’s just another assumption we grew up with, and just because we don’t personally know of anyone who transitioned without dying, doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Actually I stand corrected, the Bible states that both Enoch and Elijah were both assumed into heaven without dying and also Mother Mary, the mother of Jesus, was also said to have been assumed into heaven, as seen in some famous paintings, especially the one by Titian in the 1500’s, termed The Assumption. There’s also an up front and personal account of a human ascending into the Heavens in the book Ramtha (presently considered byEast Indians the God Ram) – a book channeled through J.Z.Knight.

(Interesting story there, when my chiropractor Dr. Malcolm retired, Ramtha was the book he gave me. I didn’t read it for years, till the autobiography of J.Z.Knight fell out of my arms while I was moving books around at my place one day and I got curious enough to read it. Only then did I remember that I actually had the Ramtha book – I was fascinated, and studied it for years after.)

A dream by one of the dream group illustrated the ubiquitous nature of this death idea: In the dream there was a big coffin that was located smack in the middle of the family’s living area, which interfered with their activities, for they had to constantly manoever around it. In other words the presence of the death idea, thinking that everyone has to die, actually curtails certain of our activities, hems us in and limits our possibilities here and now. Perhaps it’s time for a slight adjustment, no?

A few stories to illustrate not dying: In the 70’s Don Harron, host of CBC’s Morningside had on his show a lineup of dream interpretation specialists, a few psychologists and my teacher, Emy. He’d dreamt a few years before when He’d actually been in London and very sick that he was lying in a hospital bed, in walk 3 doctors who hand him a knife, and he was expected to kill himself. The dream had bothered him for years so his was the first dream that he put to the dream panel. Emy was the only one who offered an explanation: it’s not the disease that will kill you, it’s not the doctors who will kill you, it’s your accepting what the doctors hand you, completely swallowing it hook, line and sinker and inserting it into yourself- that will kill you.

Deepak Chopra tells the story of a group of miners that made the news. They were trapped underground due to some horrific cave-in and were stuck. They knew how long they could live given the number of people and the amount of air available. Only one man had a watch, so he was assigned to tell the time and announce how many hours had passed. He cheated. For every 2 hours that passed, he announced that 1 hour had passed. When they dug them out, everyone was alive, except for 1 man – you guessed it- the man with the watch. Because they all KNEW they had enough air and would keep living, whereas he KNEW he didn’t, and he wouldn’t. So he died according to what he believed.

The pastor of the Spiritualist church I go to has a true story that she tells about a close relative that was, a few years ago, in the hospital dying of, I think cancer. One day he got up and said he felt like going out for a paper, and did. Next day he got up and got dressed, went out, and never came back. Years later he was playing with his grandchildren one day and doing chores around the farm, and his wife said to him: did you ever imagine, when you were in the hospital dying , that you’d be up and running after your grandchildren and doing chores like this? He answered: “I thought of nothing else”.

So the moral of the story is that there is a huge margin of choice in all our lives, whether you’re an ascended master or a mere mortal. and “there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” (Hamlet, by Wm. Shakespeare )

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Have you taken full responsibility for your life yet? There comes a time in everyone’s life when you start to get the impression that you don’t like what’s appearing in your life, and you get tired of always looking around to see who you can blame, who you can point to, to dump the responsibility. Well you see, it was this landlord who was really nasty…OR well it all comes down to my mother, if she hadn’t….. Yes that’s the easy way out, that way you no longer have to worry about it, because you know who to blame. End of story. But what if your whole life was your responsibility? Eh? Wouldn’t that change things a little?

Pretend you’re the CEO of your own company, and when anything goes wrong- well, the buck stops here. No matter what appears in your life take responsibility for it. The old lady that you pass on the street muttering to herself about the accursed government, could be a message to you to stop complaining, maybe. Events that hit you out of the blue, could be past life karma coming back to bite you.

I was raised Catholic, so the idea of past lives was not one I grew up with. But as I started reading more and delving into the spiritual realm, it started to draw my curiosity. In one psychic reading in my early 20’s I was told about several lives – all goody- 2- shoes lives, rather boring really. Later my dream teacher told us that one shouldn’t go searching for past lives just out of curiosity, but as the information becomes relevant to our lives, we may find out more about it.

In her book Past Life Dreamwork, Sabine Lucas recounts one of her past lives as a male poet during the French Revolution. Highly regarded, leading an honorable life, he nonetheless ended shamefully in a public hanging. This appeared to make no sense, till Lucas investigated further, finding that in another previous life, she’d been an highly placed Bishop of the church, who’d put many many people to death. Then it all made sense.

So don’t be a whiner or a blamer – we’ve got enough of those in the world. It’s only when you really take full responsibility for what appears in your life that you can really start to get that strong gut feeling that YES, I really can run my life, YES I have the power to change my future. And no matter what ends up in your lap – well, do whatever you can about it, of course. But if you can’t – well, it is as it is. Just accept what it is, and move forward making the best decisions you can – your move. You know, there are so many things in this life that we take for granted, are not as intractable as you might think. -take death, for example – but that’s for next week.

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After you’ve gotten into relax habits in your life, your next job is to get rid of those things that disturb your peace – worries, fears, confusions, by developing a deep trust. A trust that covers you completely. Often the safety in our life is limited to the here and now, the mundane, the expected. What I’m talking about here is the much larger picture of your existence, your whole life picture. Imagine a life without worry or fear. Imagine being completely confident that really, everything WILL turn out for the best.

I wasn’t able to do that for a long time. Unable to trust, really trust that my best efforts really were enough, that having pointed my bus in the direction I wished to go and made efforts in that direction, and asked for help, and let go – that everything was in the works. I still needed to trust that it’s accomplishment was so. Needed to believe it was really a fact. In the Christian Spiritualist Church I go to I also got a message to that effect: that what my guides were working on with me was to Trust more.

Letting go is also a big part of the package too. Once you’ve done what you can, then you need to let go completely, knowing it’s done.If however you’re so possessive of the problem that you return to it every few minutes to worry it over and over again, what happens is that the powers that be step back , “You got this covered? Well, ok, you go ahead! “ And you then don’t get the help that would have been yours. You can return to it the next morning, or the next week, but don’t be clinging to it all day long.Conceive it, picture it with emotion, picture your happy ending. Ask you higher powers to take care of it and then Let Go! TRUST the Universe will do the rest.

And do pray. Remember “Ask and ye shall receive?” Life is meant to be teamwork. You’re never alone. My grandson spent all of one school afternoon crying in the washroom, after he’s been bullied – because he thought he was all alone, that there was no one to depend on.

The head of the Kabbalah movement used to be a headstong teenager and once got in big trouble, and ended up being thrown in a pit overnight. With no help in sight, she heard a voice say: “Keep calm, they’ll find you in the morning.” And she did and they did.

A friend of mine as a teenager in a small village, was alone with her brothers, while her parents were absent one night. And they got invaded by a bunch of hoodlums. My friend got dragged off into the bushes to be raped. But without fear, she kept praying and praying for help – and sure enough before long an older man from the group interfered and told the other to let her go.

Trust. In my reading of the Hypnotherapy text books: Spirit Releasement therapy by Baldwin, and Regression Therapy Bk 1 and 2 by Lucas, there’s the story of one therapist who as he began his practice uncovered several of his past lives. Reviewing them all, he commented that his best life was amazingly one where he was black female slave who lived her life with deep contentment amidst her clan, trusting that things would always work out, and trusting she’d always be taken care of.

The Universe really is taking care of you. Do the best you can, and TRUST the universe will do the rest.

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Relax Already

Many of us were raised Catholic and understand sin, guilt, sacrifice, doing for others, and the idea that the devil finds work for idle hands. What we know less well, or not at all, is the sense of loving oneself, honoring oneself, being kind to oneself, and being able to enjoy full easy-going relaxation. The real relaxation that is not just a break from doing for others, or out of obligation. I’m talking about a life attitude, a way of living that honors who you are and what you really need from life, that recognizes that it’s ok to love yourself – actually it’s mandatory. And taking frequent breaks from “doing” by “being”.

A friend of mine died recently- in her 70’s, but she died before her time, from exhaustion. Just like Edgar Cayce, who never learned to leave obligation to others aside, and honor himself enough to stop and relax. He’d been told repeatedly by guidance to just put in a certain number of readings a day, and he went way over that. At first he collapsed into a coma for 2 weeks. That didn’t stop him. He continued at an exaggerated pace, and eventually died from it. My friend similarly lived with an attitude that there was always work that could be done, obligations to fill, always something else to do, a 10 min break was all she’d allow for herself, then back to the real stuff to do.

A dysfunctional way of living, really. That’s the pattern I too had adopted: years of pushng myself – always feeling behind the 8-ball, always thinking I could do just a little bit more, a little bit better. Always stressed, always tense. In the years that I was studying dreams with a dream group, our teacher came in one day and told us that she’d been told to tell those in the group: “You’re all far too stressed”. The group consisted of a diverse set of women, neither old or young, most with professional jobs – but all evidently with this one thing in common: too stressed. Not only stressed but far too stressed. So that spoke to our whole environment – this was not one or two particularly ambitious women – this was all of us. I only realize now what a strong statement that was, condemning our whole way of living. The way we evaluated what we did, and how little we valued ourselves and our personal time. So the recommendation is to relax more, to live a life of calm centeredness, in ourselves, watching life more, enjoying nature more, extending compassion to those who seem “off” without judgement or anger.

Long after I no longer considered myself a Catholic, I dreamt that I was serving up mummy food on a big platter in a church basement for a group of people. (mummy food – the dust discovered by those who first opened up the tombs in the pyramids – many of whom died within the following months from the poison – curse of the mummies, it was reported).

Evidently in those years I was still conveying those good Catholic, dysfunctional values – of which people can die: obligation, sacrifice, guilt, selflessness. A selflessness that doesn’t serve the real self, never mind the ego, it doesn’t serve the soul.

So let’s all go out and find a nice tree to talk to, or a pretty flower to admire, or a bird to watch, or some self-reflection or just daydreaming to indulge in. Let go the rat race, after all, as someone once said, so what does it really matter if you win the rat race – you’re still a rat.

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One of the healthiest things you can do for yourself is to breathe. Really! I’m talking about deep breathing, of course. Jim Fannin calls it “The 90- Second Rule” And he makes a good living going around the country preaching at CEO’s, and ball-club owners, and star players, teaching them how to breathe. And you thought it was easy! I guess the hard part is just to remember to do it. The idea is when you do 90 seconds of deep breathing, you’re focusing your thoughts, clearing your mind, calming your emotions, and in optimum condition to do your best.

There was a medical intuitive who was on the radio awhile back who would give advice on health matters, but inevitably whatever ailment he was dealing with, he would also add: and each morning and each evening stop and take 10 deep breaths – this will help you enormously. Whether a backache or a broken foot, the deep breathing had a big role to play in recovery. Which makes sense because one of the prime indicators of health is how much oxygen you’ve got in your blood. If those numbers are too low they send you to the hospital and hook you up to an oxygen tank. Right?

So what’s happening? They say it takes about 90 seconds for your body to calm down after an emotional outburst. You can accelerate recovery by taking several deep breaths. For those who need to be extra focused, as in before a big presentation, or before that big pitch in a ball-game, it centres you, brings you in more focus, also helps you to become more relaxed. Energetically you are raising your personal vibration to a higher frequency, a place where you have more personal power, greater inner strength. Also your ability to heal yourself is increased. They say disease only exists on the lower levels- once you raise your vibration you increase your ability to do healing. The book The Quantum Touch refers to a specific method of breathing that healers can use to entrain the person being worked on to a higher level, where healing is more likely.

Native Shaman Arrole Lawrence, from Northern Ontario also teaches that breathing right has a central role in our ability to manifest, to heal, to redirect reality. An amazing teaching. (He’ll be giving courses in the fall).

So everyone, altogether now: take a deep breath through the nose, deep as you can. Hold it a bit, then explode it out through the mouth!

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Whatever you hate

Whatever you hate comes back to bite you. I hated crocs when they came out. Couldn’t stand them. What a crock! Plastic shoes of all things! I’d never wear those. Never, never, never!

Well, the universe had other ideas, probably because of my vehemence, and adamant stand on the matter; I was about to get an odd kind of lesson. Shortly after crocs started to come into fashion I was walking around Ottawa in the vicinity of my teachers residence and the sandals I was wearing gave out – the sole completely came off and I ended up walking bare foot on the street! Ouch! What to do? I looked around and I happened to be in front of a hardware store. I figured why not ask them – maybe there was a slight chance they would carry something that would pass for footwear. Nothing to lose! In I went and asked what actually seemed like a stupid question – do you have anything I could wear on my feet? Well you guessed it! They had crocs for me! Of course! Talk about humble pie! So buy them I did and actually grew to be quite fond of them. After all, they’d saved my hide, didn’t they? I ended up wearing them as garden shoes, and still have them to this day. OK so they’re not the prettiest things on the planet but they’re OK.

Whatever you hate really does come back to bite you. Louise Haye says that the only way to get rid of someone you hate is to love them – people mind you, not shoes. There was a day care worker at the school where my son went who was wonderful with the parents (she was acting on the side) but awful with the kids. Bright spark that I am, I told on her to the head person. “Idiot” my husband said, “she’ll only take it out on our kid”. Oh! I hadn’t thought that far. Hm! What to do? So after awhile I discovered an exercise that I’ve used occasionally and recommended to others that Louise Haye offers: Before you go to bed picture the person you’re having a problem with as on a stage, maybe sitting, smiling broadly. And small children are bringing them flowers, a children’s choir is singing in their honor, maybe someone’s reciting a poem. And that’s it! Nothing mushy or lovey – just wishing them well!

And it worked, I may have done it for a week – not even that consistently, but within a short time- maybe a month she was gone! She’d taken a job on the other side of town, taken her own son out of that school, and I never saw her again! Wow!

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Manifesting – focus

Edgar Cayce wrote:” What one thinks about continually, they become; what one cherishes in their heart and mind they make a part of the pulsation of their heart…” (reading 3744-5)

Certainly something for all of us to remember. It behooves us all to first of all, be aware what it is that’s being served up today in that brain of yours. Observe what’s on tap today. Start to monitor who’s home – because it’s very important. After all you can only control what you can see.

It’s not uncommon for people to just not be aware of how negative their thinking really is, how often they’re awash in worry or negative thoughts. Then once you’re aware of it the first big switch needs to be the switch from negative thinking to positive thinking.

If you really manifest what you most think about – it’s very worrisome that so many teens get obsessed with violent video games and take visual violence for granted, and killing as normal. I understand that video games came about when the military discovered that a large percentage of the rifles preserved in war museums had, interestingly enough, never been fired. This meant that there was a natural reticence on the part of humans to kill their own kind. So video games were invented, and soldiers were trained on them, to literally get soldiers used to killing. And it’s been said that the war that followed, the Vietnamese War, was one of the bloodiest in history.

For a teenager preoccupied with video games, it’s just a game. But the consequences can be quite damaging. First of all most teachers will tell you yes, they can tell which kids play a lot of video games just from their behaviour in class. Their grades may or may not be impacted directly, but their behaviour certainly is. What you think about a lot, you pull into your life.

On the positive side of course, it works to your advantage, daily focus on positive goals is a definite part of a manifesting plan / protocol.

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More Manifesting

Write it down. Don’t people tell you that? Write it down! Write it down!

There’s some kind of magic that happens when you put pen to paper (not sure what the research is on finger to keyboard – if the results are the same or not.)

You’ve probably heard of the Harvard study where they split them into groups – One group wrote their goals on paper. One just did it in their heads. Followed them up and 20 years later lo and behold – the writers had achieved much higher positions and had accomplished a lot more than the non-writers.

You see there’s actually something physiological/ energetic that happens between pen and hand and brain, which is more than the sum of its parts. An interviewer on CBC the other day was commenting on just this point, saying that what he expected when he started writing journal, was just a one-on-one translation of his thinking onto paper. That’s not what happened. He found new ideas jumping into the mix that he hadn’t expected – even better ideas. Almost as if there was now a third party involved. Not sure that science has explained that one yet, but it is an observable fact that when you commit words to paper – what happens is more than the sum of its parts. As if that very act adds in an extra reflective dimension. (Ditto for telling an event/ idea to a friend : you’ll find new ideas popping up in the mix – or older related material presenting itself unexpectedly).

Everyone should keep a journal. That’s what I & my dream group were told. Not only write in it, but take it seriously enough to paginate it and index it – a page to record what page that dream was on, for special sayings, for special songs, etc… Then you can easily go back to that year and that incident, or that dream. Not keeping a journal is much like never checking yourself in the mirror – never looking at your reflection before you go out the door ( or waiting for your wife to yell at you: “You can’t go out like that!”)

Whatever goals you have – write them up in a special place – possibly the back of the journal – for each category of your life- personal relationships, character traits to modify, business goals, by when will you accomplish this, etc. And keep track. How am I really doing on this character trait of mine – that you said you wanted to get rid of a long time ago. Benjamin Franklin, who happily resides on the American Dollar bill – in his autobiography relates how he picked a virtue a month and worked on it diligently, recording successes and failures in his journal. And look how much he accomplished!

So make like Ben Franklin and WRITE IT DOWN!

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