Came across a study on the placebo effect that has proven that all healing is really self-healing Amazing news!

Meaning our wills are much more powerful than we thought.

Our minds are powerful – much more so than we’ve allowed for.

Everyone grows up in a ready-made belief system, from their parents, their culture, their teachers, their priests, their governments, their banks, their friends… Given the overwhelming nature of all our influences, for one to have actually made up their own mind on every single belief system is next to impossible. It only makes sense that at least some of these beliefs could be wrong.

The belief that death is a given. (As sure as death & taxes, Right?) Actually it’s just another belief system. Sure it looks like most people die, but actually there was a time when there was no death – and such a time will come again: from the last Book of the Bible, “And death will be no more.”

The belief that we have no control over how our body works – is just that – another belief. There are groups of Tibetan monks who have trained their bodies to maintain a steady body temperature despite sitting out in the cold over longer periods of time.

Any ailment comes to you to get your attention, much like a little kid trying to pull on your shirt sleeve to tell you something. Your beliefs create your life, create the events that happen, create the lessons you have to learn. So when you have an ailment, one of the main answers is found inside yourself.

A brother of a friend of mine was in a horrendous motorbike accident and ended up in a hospital for months. During that time he noticed how it was that his sons treated his wife and saw, for the first time that this was exactly how he treated her as well. Not pretty. He left the hospital a changed man.

So whenever an ailment enters your life, go look in the mirror and reexamine your life, See what needs to change.


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There’s a story from one of my Regression Therapy text books where a middle-aged therapist is recalling several of his lifetimes. He reports that of all the lives he’s recovered, his best life was as an elderly black woman slave in the Bahamas. It was a life full of love, contentment and trust. She knew where she belonged, centred in her tribe, she was content with the life she had, and most importantly she trusted that life was unfolding for her as it should.

TRUST. Total, complete, unwavering. Trusting that the universe is unfolding as it should and that we will indeed be taken care of. Now this doesn’t necessarily anchor to any particular religious tradition, though it could. All it is is trusting in the positive forces of the Universe. Believing completely that everything will turn out for the best and you have nothing to fear.

As the proposition in Star Wars would have it: when you’re in fear you propagate all the negative emotions that bring you down to a lower, less productive vibration. And when you start to move away from fear and towards love and light and trust, life works out better for you, works out to your advantage.

I too have found that whenever doubt creeps into my thinking, and I begin to fear that I’m never going to arrive on what I set my sights on, that doubt and fear easily cancel any gains you’ve made and easily steer you off track, off course. Then I get the feeling that I need to return to TRUST. Trusting the Universe is benevolent, and I am loved just as I am.

Depend on the beneficial forces of the Universe. Teach your children to never feel alone in any situation. Know you are loved beyond all imagining, know there are forces surrounding you who need only be invited in to help you out. There’s a rule that says the angels are not allowed to help you unless you ask. So ask, expect the best and TRUST.


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Growing Soul

Listening to yet another discussion on the effects of Covid the other day I was impressed by one woman with a teenage son who had called in to complain that there were so few outlets for a teenager with anxiety and depression issues to get the help they needed. I wondered, listening to her what exactly she’d been doing all along to nurture his healthy inner development – or had she even been paying attention to what direction his life had been going.

My dream teacher, toward the end of her life had a dream where she was told that people needed to know many things, but the most important was that the soul be allowed to grow. In other words the soul is already on that track – that specific direction. But the real work is to encourage that direction and allow it to develop. So my question to the complaining mother would be: How was she encouraging his soul growth, how was she assisting his development? OR had she left that task to the schools, the society, to the entertainment industry, and to public opinion?

If this was a typical teenager I daresay he’d already logged in many hours of killing and mayhem time. Few hours on helping others or volunteer work, or assisting others in some way. Precious few hours on reflection, on deliberately developing certain life skills, and character development – like Ben Franklin. In his Autobiography it’s clear that character development was one of is Ben Franklin’s important priorities growing up. And it shows in his life, of course.- his list of accomplishments is impressive.

Many of our teens haven’t been allowed the privilege of good directions. Time for that soon? Let’s make growing soul a priority.


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So how much laughing did you do today? Hm? No it’s not how much occasion did you have around you to occasion you to laugh – rather it’s what attitude you began your day with. Did you know it’d be a joyful day and you fully expected to find joyous occasions as a matter of course? Surprisingly, it’s actually up to you. You don’t get what you want necessarily, you get what you expect. (Amy Jo Ellis, channelled)

On a blah day once, I opened the Readers Digest Bible on Laughter, and started to read through the jokes. Whether good, bad or indifferent I ended up smiling consistently, and sometimes even laughing out loud, and when I finally put it down, I found myself in a jolly mood, certainly sunnier than when I started. You may have heard of the heart specialist, a doctor, who began his own path to recovery by collecting all the funniest material he could find and took it as a regimen to daily get his full dose, And he did recover.

The long list of benefits you get physically and mentally should be enough to convince anyone to deliberately take in laughter as a tonic for your health and daily. When I taught music in schools I use to give the smiling and cheekbones lecture: put your fingers up to your cheekbones and move them around. Whenever this part of your face moves as when laughing, smiling, or singing or talking with animation, you release feel-happy endorphins into your bloodstream that actually raises your immune system and makes you feel better. Nice, eh?

So as you move towards a more joyful life, build in those factors that ensure the best jolly outcome: make it a habit for everyone in your family, say, to have a new joke to share for your Sunday dinner. Sing together. When you do your affirmations, say them out loud. Sing alone out loud when you’re on your walk. You’d be surprised, but nobody faints.

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Possession of Another

“Goodbye Ruby Tuesday, Goodbye Ruby Tuesday,

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby will you be mine?”

This is the language of possession, MINE! We all use it unthinkingly – gotten used to it as quite normal. Possibly used as if meaning: move closer to me, be with me more. Not really meaning: be my slave and I’ll be your boss / your owner/ you have to do exactly what I say. Or do we?

The US. Civil War is not that far behind us – where people believed exactly that. Slavery has a long history where the literal concept of possessing another human being was taken as quite normal, and this in many many cultures. And which German Philosopher was it that had declared: “Christianity is the religion of slaves”. For Christianity has many of the markings of subservience, dis empowerment, and suffering. It struck me that the Protestants I knew when I was growing up were encouraged to read the Bible, but the Catholics were not. Interpreting the Bible was left up to the chosen few, and talking to God reserved for the Pope or the Bishops, not the rest of the flock: we were only to obey and pay our dues.

The fallout from the Patriarchy is still with us: look at our education system: what gets the highest marks? Rote learning and obedience and group-think. Learning to think for ourselves is no-where encouraged.

What’s the ideal marriage situation: ‘Pater Samilias’ is the head of the family and has the final say. (`Pater Knows Best’) The wife’s job was always : ‘Kinder, Kuhe & Kirche’. (Children, Kitchen and Church) Or the American phrase: Barefoot and pregnant“. Or the British: a woman’s place is in the home`. Sure we think we’re a little beyond that – but are we really.

Let’s look at the domestic abuse rates, the violence, the deaths – what’s that about? It’s about power and authority, if you ask me. The slave not listening to its owner. It’s about Patriarchy. We still haven’t fully awakened out of our slave mentality, accepting certain forms of violence / control. (I promise to love, honour and obey?) It’s time we stopped teaching our children obedience as more important than thinking for ourselves, and treating others as equals.


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Some years ago I was curious about the concept of judgment. I heard such differing opinions on the matter: “Judge not lest ye be judged” says the Bible. But we’re told to fear the “Last Judgment” where God judges you. Hmm! If God judges you then it can’t be all bad, right? No?

So I decided to put it out to the Universe to give me some clarity. The teachers I had in Delphi, the Spiritual University, always insisted we ask whenever we were unclear on something. Whenever the students would come back with “I still don’t understand it!” The teacher kept repeating, “ so ask, and keep asking till you get it”. As if there really was a process in place where the Universe was obliged to get you the thing you really wanted to know.

So I did I put it out there that I wanted to get clear on the concept of judgment. A few years later I started to realize I was getting information on the topic and it was becoming more and more clear.
It seems it’s only on this 3rd dimension that good and bad exist. It’s only on this dimension that we can feel righteous judgment. over judging when someone does something we disapprove of. When you look at the same situation from a higher vantage point it just is as it is – and it’s all one energy, all one reality, all part of the one whole.

Most people have a hard time accepting a reality they don’t like, as just”it is what it is”and spend a lot of energy on getting upset over it. If you have a choice, sure change what you can – but if you have no control over it, judgment. may make you feel good, feel righteous, but it has no beneficial effect, really. Judgment pulls whatever you don’t like to you closer, especially if you’re emotional about it and letting off steam, and right in there hating it. (see “the Feeling is the Secret”). So leave off judging others, it gets you nowhere.


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Eat Slow

The slow food movement is underway. Now established in many countries around the world, the concept is simple: it’s not a good idea to rush through your meals. It’s actually much friendlier and much healthier to eat slower, eat relaxed and enjoy what you’re eating. To actually notice what you’re eating and appreciate it. Imagine that! For example, could you honestly recite what you had in your last meal? No? Why am I not surprised? Most people couldn’t. Or you got some of the details but not all?

So where were you that you don’t remember? You know there’s a really good reason why many convents and monasteries enforce a rule of silence at mealtimes, at least some of the time. You could take mealtimes as a meditation, concentrating on what you’re eating, appreciating it fully, with gratitude and a slight smile on your face. Now that’s a centring, grounding exercise.

There was an experiment done in a war-time setting, where the medics had to deal with a man whose stomach had been 1/2 blown away. Instead of repairing what was left of it completely, they installed a window on one side, just to be able to observe what actually went on inside the man’s digestive system – perhaps only for a short period, just in the interests of science. What they observed was remarkable. When the man was upset, the stomach looked like a storm sewer – everything was flying everywhere. No proper digestion was happening at all. They concluded that it’s not a good idea that you eat when you’re upset – at all!

It wasn’t that long ago that “slow down, take your time, chew properly.” was a frequent injunction. Doctors would actually advise patients to chew a certain number of times in order to achieve proper mastication and proper digestion.

I think in the interests of a friendlier, more relaxed world, we could all learn to eat slower, and enjoy it more. And if you’re upset – just go out and go for a walk and calm down, why don’t ja !


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I was once teaching in a grade 5 class in mid-town Toronto and happened to get into what dreams mean – always a fun topic, but not something that’s spoken of in our classrooms. Even mentioning dreams is probably considered pretty risky. I would guess that most teachers have probably never taken dreams seriously and it would be rare to have a serious discussion about it in class time . Even though dreams can be one of the best ways to guide your life, if you pay attention to what the other side wants you to know .

Jewish tradition, for one, advises us that a dream uninterpreted is like a letter unopened. The well known psychoanalyst Carl Jung took his patients dreams very seriously, and did his analytic work in step with what the dreams were advising. Once when a business man he was advising, complained he didn’t have time to work with his dreams right away in the morning, that he was much too busy. Jung reprimanded him saying his priorities were all wrong, that the dream he’d just had was much more important than his busy business schedule.

So I asked for dreams in this class – and as usual several children put up their hands willing to share what they remembered. As you may have experienced – dream don’t always stick around long. That’s why we’re always advised to write down our dreams as soon as we remember them. One analyst described them as slippery fish that you need to catch right away . Dreams are coming from a long ways away – and unless you catch them quickly they’re liable to slip from your mind right back into the unconscious. So considering how fleeting they can be, if you remember a dream you can be sure it’s for a reason & well worth writing down and remembering.

So one young boy told us his dream saying “I was crawling through a big tube on my hands and knees. I crawled and crawled and at the other end I came out stupid”. Interesting”, I commented, “And tell me honestly now, how much TV do you watch?” He froze as if he’d been struck by lightening. His hand went to cover his gaping mouth and he let out a gasp. “Lots” came back the answer. “Maybe too much”. He understood that ‘the boob tube’ was controlling his life and his capacity to think clearly. And this was even past the era when the expression “boob tube” was ever mentioned.

So good night and sweet dreams!


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Love and Marriage

Love & Marriage

“go together like a horse and carriage,

This I tell ‘ya brother you can’t have one without the other.

Love & Marriage, …… it’s an institute you can’t disparage,

Ask the local gentry, they will say it’s element’ry

Try, try, try to separate them, it’s an illusion.

Try “ “ and you will only come to this conclusion:

Love & Marriage ……. go together like a horse and carriage.

Dad was told by mother: You can’t have one, you can’t have none

You can’t have one without the other.”

So Love & Marriage are stuck in this awkward relationship, taken to be universal, taken to be the norm, taken to be The Right way of doing things. The Conversation with God book questions that assumption. And when you look at it closely there’s several things that don’t actually fit right – the 2 are only peripherally related. On the one hand it’s a legally binding agreement, important for establishing paternity, important for defining property rights. But just what does it have to do with your deepest feelings? You can’t confine a feeling, no matter how deep, to a set of rules and legal expectations. These are 2 very different things. We’ve bound them so closely that we have a whole set of tragic scenarios that follow if your partner “cheats” on you. You’re entitled to feel mortally wounded, personally offended, rejected to the core of your being.

It used to be called an open marriage in the last generation, now it’s referred to as the poly-amorous movement. – where you are free to have a friend of either sex outside your family circle. They argue quite reasonably that just as a child might love their brother/ sister but still have a really close friend at school, the 2 are not mutually exclusive. Do marriages really need the exclusivity of possession of another human being to be solid?

Hmm? Something to consider.


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I’m Beautiful

Once upon a time many years ago when I was taking a dream interpretation course in Toronto with my teacher Emy Allavena, in one session one of the middle aged women who was usually very particular about her appearance came into class with no eye makeup at all – explaining she had an eye infection and couldn’t use anything on her eyes for now. She shrugged her shoulders exclaiming: “well this is the real me!”

“No it’s not!” countered our teacher. “The real you is healthy, happy, joyful and beautiful!” – rather astonishing the class. What she was saying was that we all need to begin seeing our real true attributes. To look beyond appearances, and see ourselves as loved and beautiful, and fully happy in our lives, completely healthy – despite temporary appearances and despite outside reactions. We need to feed ourselves with the real reality of beauty and joy and love.

Ramtha says essentially the same thing: You can affirm right where you are and in whatever condition you’re in, that you are immortal, that your NOW is forever. You do not need to affirm your mortality as most people do, I’ve even heard it said that most people die because they expect to. Cut out all mention of death and you can live forever in this NOW.

There was a dream by a woman in my teacher’s family in Rome that her family were living in a place where there was a coffin right in the middle of their living room. And whenever they passed through there, they had to manoeuvre their way around the coffin. Meaning the idea of death is a constant in everyone’s living space, and whatever we do we have to take our mortality into consideration. That’s what most people think, even though it doesn’t have to be that way We could choose to be beautiful and healthy &expect to live forever. Just because everyone believes something doesn’t make it true

My Spiritualist church pastor tells the story of an uncle who was in hospital dying of cancer. One day he got up, got dressed and went out for a paper. The next day he got up, got dressed and left the hospital for good, never to return. Years later while he was out playing with his grand kids and chopping wood on his land, his wife asked him – when you were in hospital dying, did you ever think you’d still be out here chasing after your grand kids and even chopping wood? He said “I thought of nothing else”. Evidently a different expectation brought a different result.

So evidently we can influence our future by the attitude we assume – so be beautiful, and feel healthy and feel loved, and live as long as you like.


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