Reality Shifting

A few days ago, I dreamt I was sitting in front of a group of senior elementary students. They were sitting in student formation (desks in rows).
I was announcing, “Ladies and gentlemen I totally delight in your company” and saying it as if it was completely true.
-as if now, reality had shifted, and relationships were so much real, more genuine, more intense and delightful. And in the dream, I’m feeling very pleased, with a slight smile on my face.
Today’s’ students and today’s classrooms may have moments of true relatedness and genuine feeling, but it’s not all that common. Back biting, jealously, one upmanship are more the norm. Bullying, sour comments and power plays – these are the games that are played today.
Manners are not really taught, and values are not really valued. Character development is rarely a focus of interest – it could be. To actually consider what the dream asserts – relationships that are real, genuine, intense and delightful, would be a huge shift in reality indeed.
Seeing the situation from the teacher’s point of view is only one perspective of course. How genuinely do you like these children really is a real question? And how much do you genuinely care how well they do and how much do they care about what you feel about what happens in the class.
Reality shifting indeed.


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