The low level violence of going against your own beliefs

I knew a woman who was working as a volunteer for a politucal party, very devoted, very giving person but she was constantly on edge. Constantly out of herself, you could say, always reaching out to do for others in the good old Christian way we’re all taught to do, but unbalanced in her life.

Now in her dreams she was losing her purse often. Not a good sign. Losing the thing that’s important is never a good sign. So the dream maker was chastising her for neglecting to take care of her own personal values, reprimanding her for letting go of important valuable qualities, the lack of which would seriously impede her progress. She was going against things she herself believed to be precious but had now lost track of, had lost.

The belief in question could have well started as something your mother told you. (Funny Xmas story I heard on CBC: It was a family tradition to cook the roast beast always in a certain way – so every generation had been cooking their roast exactly the same way for years. This always involved cutting off the 2 ends of the roast before it went ino the oven. One smart chick finally got up the courage to ask their great-granny why it was that this final cut was necessary. “Well it’s not”, she was told. “It’s just that my roasting pan wasn’t big enough and I always had to cut off the ends to get it in!” And here for years the habit of the 2 cuts had continued, under the impression this was just how it had to be done!)

So you start off with a certain belief. But that belief doesn’t work in you until you swallow it and digest it and make it your own. (In dream language there’s a whole set of symbols that have to do with eating food, digesting food, eliminating,etc) As young children that’s not much of a choice – that’s where we all start, with the beliefs of our parents, peers, teachers, preachers, etc.

That’s why teenagerhood is such a confusing time. Ideas are getting rejuggled, sorted, judged, tossed, reconfigured. Shakeups are good for you.   When you need, of necessity, to rethink where you are in life – there’s an opening there for seeing life with new eyes, for digesting new beliefs.

Skillfully choosing the right action that corresponds with your real beliefs is the art of living.

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