The low level violence of being a follower

The low level violence of being a follower

I ‘m driving to New York city. Lots of long stretches of highway straight ahead, and I get to thinking what my driving instructor told me: the safest place on the road is the place where you have lots of space around you, not boxed in by all kinds of cars.  Got it! Makes sense.

I can see the pattern of cars moving in chunks all around me. Where there’s one car there tends to be two or three close beside, traveling together, in a way. It feels like a normal human bonding kind of thing to do. True it’s not as safe. The closer you are to your car friends, the more likely you’ll have fewer choices in case of an accident. It really is the more dangerous choice.  So ok, so I tend now to drive out between the clusters of cars into my own space, a good safe distance away from everyone around me. True it’s safer, but a little lonely.   So I cheat.

What I tend to do now is to find some  one car that is travelling about my same speed, seems sane enough, steady enough for me to follow. But I don’t follow him/her directly. What I do is follow them from the other lane, but at  good distance, keeping pace as it were, with lots of space around me, sort of.  OK it’s not exactly what I was told to do, but heck, it feels good, and you can’t always do as your told, can you?

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