Acceptability of low level violence

Acceptability of low level violence

We do it all the time, the acid putdown, the snide remark, the skilful, hurtful jibe, the violent language. Take Rob Ford, who continues to do violence to the airwaves and to the residents of this fair city – Toronto The Good anyone? Lies deceit, flaunting addiction, personal attacks on those who question you – evidently he considers low level violence acceptable /normal. He and his brother spent a lot of bluster and airtime professing innocence and attacking his questioners – that’s a violence. Interesting really, it shows the lack of integrity and responsibility at very high levels.

The Toronto-based author Steven Marsh, who wrote the piece in Esquire magazine on Ford recently was commenting on the sad fact that 33% to 40% of voters would still vote for the man. Astonishing really! His take on it was that he’s seen as one of us, and this is seen as normal. I would take that a step further, and say that that high a percentage of approval speaks to a sickness that we are as a society. Yup! Let’s give this some serious thought people. Admit it! We all, all too often accept the unacceptable, then say nothing, or lie about it. No?

M.B. is a retired school teacher, who is working on a book on the effects of low level violence and the scaring of young children. Visit the website

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