What goes around comes around, avoiding low level violence

What goes around comes around, avoiding low level violence

There’s a reason not to wish ill/ do ill to others: it’s simply that we’re all of a piece, life is a closed circuit, as you’ll hear Deepak Chopra saying. Ergo what goes around, comes around.

Several years ago, with great love and consideration, I chose a pair of warm work socks for my husband at a specialty store in Northern Ontario. They were expensive, quite thick, densely woven wool socks. Pricey, but I bought them anyway. I presented them to him with great joy and satisfaction.

He wore them once, then threw them in the washing machine with all the rest of the whites into hot water and Javex. They shrank! Toast! After that they sat around the house like orphans without a home. He did make another attempt to get them to fit by cutting slits in the sides, but no way they’d fit. He just couldn’t get into them anymore.

So I inherited them by default. What goes around comes around. And they’ve become one of my prized possessions. Really really warm! Nothing can match them in the cold weather!

So wish others well, even if you don’t like them. You never know what their life is really like or why they are the way they are. You hate them? Then do the Louise Haye trick and just imagine them on a stage with nice things happening to them: they’re smiling, children are presenting them flowers, a little choir is singing them a song, reciting them a poem…..you get the idea. It takes a few seconds to do but is a powerful, simple way to send the ones you hate, positive thoughts. I’ve experienced this myself and have had others try this successfully as well. It works, after some consistent effort in doing this once or twice a day for a few weeks, I guarantee you that the negative situation will change.

M.B. is a retired school teacher, who is working on a book on the effects of low level violence and the scaring of young children. Visit the website FrightFree.com

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