The low level violence of accepting given wisdom as final

The low level violence of accepting given wisdom as final

“Faith of our Fathers, living faith….we will be true to you till death.” Pretty sad, I’d say.
It starts off well enough: you’re young, you’re learning the ropes, and you learn from the best. Great! You have a wonderful teacher who tells you “Do it this way, this is how it is!” And you learn, you absorb, you integrate the new information, and you benefit and you grow. You accept it. It’s Gospel. It’s eternal truth.

Then fast forward 50 more years, and you’re nearing the end of your life and you’re still spouting the same items of faith in the same way, telling everyone, that’s just the way it is. What’s being overlooked is the fact that you’re not a stagnant robot – but an organic organism that thrives on being fed new water. Unless you’re able to constantly or even occasionally reach for that new apple on the tree of life, you stop growing, you no longer thrive. The old food you were given no longer suffices to sustain you much less grow you. As a matter of fact if you keep with the same food you had in your youth, the chances are you’re starving yourself spiritually, and impeding your progress.

There’s a tale from the Buddhist literature, which goes: There was a monk who was traveling from one town to another quite a distance away. On the way he had to cross a huge raging river. In order to get across he built a very sturdy raft and got across well. Then because he was so grateful to the raft he put the raft on his back and continued on his journey heading up into the mountains, encumbered the rest of the way by this huge weight he carried and carried and carried. The moral of the story is: Use what you need to for your journey, but then after a certain point, it’s time to put it aside so you can progress properly on your way and continue to grow as your inner life demands.
To let the soul grow. That’s the most important. Let it grow.

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