Whatever you hate

Whatever you hate comes back to bite you. I hated crocs when they came out. Couldn’t stand them. What a crock! Plastic shoes of all things! I’d never wear those. Never, never, never!

Well, the universe had other ideas, probably because of my vehemence, and adamant stand on the matter; I was about to get an odd kind of lesson. Shortly after crocs started to come into fashion I was walking around Ottawa in the vicinity of my teachers residence and the sandals I was wearing gave out – the sole completely came off and I ended up walking bare foot on the street! Ouch! What to do? I looked around and I happened to be in front of a hardware store. I figured why not ask them – maybe there was a slight chance they would carry something that would pass for footwear. Nothing to lose! In I went and asked what actually seemed like a stupid question – do you have anything I could wear on my feet? Well you guessed it! They had crocs for me! Of course! Talk about humble pie! So buy them I did and actually grew to be quite fond of them. After all, they’d saved my hide, didn’t they? I ended up wearing them as garden shoes, and still have them to this day. OK so they’re not the prettiest things on the planet but they’re OK.

Whatever you hate really does come back to bite you. Louise Haye says that the only way to get rid of someone you hate is to love them – people mind you, not shoes. There was a day care worker at the school where my son went who was wonderful with the parents (she was acting on the side) but awful with the kids. Bright spark that I am, I told on her to the head person. “Idiot” my husband said, “she’ll only take it out on our kid”. Oh! I hadn’t thought that far. Hm! What to do? So after awhile I discovered an exercise that I’ve used occasionally and recommended to others that Louise Haye offers: Before you go to bed picture the person you’re having a problem with as on a stage, maybe sitting, smiling broadly. And small children are bringing them flowers, a children’s choir is singing in their honor, maybe someone’s reciting a poem. And that’s it! Nothing mushy or lovey – just wishing them well!

And it worked, I may have done it for a week – not even that consistently, but within a short time- maybe a month she was gone! She’d taken a job on the other side of town, taken her own son out of that school, and I never saw her again! Wow!

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