So you’d like to be immortal? You should!

Immortality is the real reality. Immortality is your right. Immortal is what you really are.

Start to change your mind. What if you didn’t have to die? What if your future had no cemeteries in it – We would just transition to the next phase of our existence as a soul – maybe take your body with you?

Ramtha did. He’s now one of the ascended masters, and he did channeling through a woman called J.Z Knight. The story of his ascension is very moving. (see Ramtha -The White Book).How he had more and more leisure toward the end of his life. He would every day go out into the hills and think about the Unknown God, and contemplate the Nature around him. He desired more than anything to become the wind, and eventually he did and he ascended. He’s presently known as Ram in the Hindu list of deities.

Enoch did, as did Elijah ( Old Testament: Gen.5:24)

The woman master from The Seven Taoist Masters did. She practiced meditating and practiced Taoist Tai Chi and the internal arts for many years and finally she ascended before her whole village.

Mother Mary did. They called that The Assumption, rather than the Ascension, presuming probably that being a woman she needed a little help with that- someone of higher status needed to help her out.

Here are some quotes from Ramtha:
(pg.155) “…what is to be done now is to become you – God that you are, steadfast, certain, sovereign. I am. And the only illusion you need to master is the illusion that you do not have the ability to become that!….removing it from your thought processes. Whatever you do in thought and in feeling is reality… Love what you are…Love it! Know that you are forever, that you are God. Know it! Feel it! Embrace that thought…the cellular mass of your embodiment will be in jubilation.

(pg 74)….in this very moment you can cease time completely and live in the foreverness of this now, if you so choose. Time is an illusion. You have the power within you, right where you are, to reverse the age of your embodiment back into youth and to live on, and on, and on…Simply through your attitude…say that your body will live forever and so it will. Remove all things in your life that acknowledge the ending of it, and it will never end.

Always live in the present. Never acknowledge any future other than this now. Your now will be your eternity.
Love yourself…Bless your body. Speak to your soul and command it to bring forth the enzymes, (& hormones, and telomeres) of youth and it will. Know that your body can live forever…by telling it to!”

Actually my dream teacher used to encourage her group to think that we all could begin to de-age. To think of ourselves as getting younger every year, instead of older. She related the story of one medical doctor who was well-known in Austria for advising his patients at the end of his doctoring: “Now go home, and every day, look in the mirror and tell yourself: ‘every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better’!”

And finally, I should tell you that I personally know 3 people who for a fact have no intention of dying this life time, but every intention of ascending.

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